Hindu Baby Girl Names By Vruschika  / Scorpio Rashi

Hindu Baby Girl Names According to Rashi(Moon Sign)

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     Vruschika/Scorpio Rashi Names :    Vruschika Rashi Baby Girl Names

Master planet of Vruschika rashi is Mars/Mangal. The scorpions are quite serious in nature mixed with a blend of jealousy. The sign comprises of the last charan of Vishakha, full Anuradha and Jyeshta Nakshatras. The people with this sign are trustworthy, honest, truthful and sincere. They speak less but believe more in action. They are learned, intelligent, and helpful to others and do social work. They may have a thick nose but are attractive. They believe in religion. The early stages of their lives are usually marked with hardships, but destiny shines to them between 32-35 of their age. Vruschika Rashi names start with alphabet Ta, To, Tho ,Na, Nau ,Ni, Nee ,Nu, Noo ,Ne, Nay ,No ,Ya ,Yi, Yee ,Yu, Yoo. In this list we have unique, cute and modern Vruschika Rashi names for Indian Hindu Baby Girl with their meaning and origin.

       Vruschika Rashi Baby GIrl Names List with Meanings

Vruschika Rashi Names Meaning
Nandita Happy
Nangai Cultured lady
Naomi Pleasant.
Narayani Goddess Lakshmi
Narois Flower
Narmada A river
Nartan Dance
Naseen Cool breeze
Natasha Born on auspicious day.
Natisha Star.
Natkuna With good character
Natun New
Nauka Boat
Navadurga All nine forms Of Durga.
Navami The ninth night of the navrathri.
Navamani New gem.
Navatara New star.
Naveena New
Navaneeta Butter
Naamagal Magnificent Poetess, Orator
Naavarasi Magnificent Poetess, Orator
Naaz Pride
Nabah Nobel, high.
Nabanipa A new flower.
Nabhanya Celestial
Nabha Nobel High, Sky
Nabhanipa A new flower
Nabhi Central
Nabhitha Fearless
Nabhya Central
Nachni Dancer; Suggestive look
Nadia Begining
Nadja Hope.
Nadira Pinnacle
Nagalakshmi Queen of snakes.
Nagamani Gem of serpents.
Naganandini Mountain born
Naganalatha Snake goddess
Naganika Serpent maiden
Nagasri Wealth of serpents
Nagina Jewel
Nagini Snake.
Naima Belonging to one
Naija Daughter of wisdom
Naila Morning dew.
Naina Name of a goddess
Naini A girl with beautiful eyes
Nainika Pupil of the eye
Naisha Special
Naishada Poetry
Yadavi Goddess Durga.
Yadva Intelligence, perception, mind.
Yahvi Heaven.
Yajah Devotee.
Yaganya Sacred fire.
Yajaira Worshipper.
Yajna Worship.
Yaksha Sister of Yaksha.
Yamal A twin, a deity.
Yami Progress. Motion, path.
Yamini Night.
Yamika Night.
Yamuna River Yamuna.
Yamuni River Yamuna.
Yamya Night.
Yana Precious to god.
Yara Princess.
Yashada The one who gives success.
Yashasvi Famous.
Yashila Famous.
Yashita Goddess of fame.
Yashoda Krishna’s mother.
Yashodevi Goddess of fame and beauty.
Yashodhara Fame, glory.
Yashovati Possessing glory and fame.
Yashasvati Famous, splendid.
Yashawanthi With great fame.
Yashawini Successful lady.
Yashvita Famous and successful.
Yashwarya Fame and prosperity.
Yasmeen Jasmine flower.
Yasmina Jasmine flower.
Yasti Slim.
Yastika A string of pearls.
Yatee Goddess Durga.
Yavana Quick, swift.
Yavani Quick, swift.
Yavantika Stage.
Yayati Traveler.
Tonya Priceless.
Toral A folk heroine
Tori Bird.
Toshani Satisfying, gratifying, pleasing, Goddess Durga.
Toshi Mirror, reflection.
Toshita Satisfied.
Toya Water.
Tari A small star.
Tarika Starlet
Tarini Goddess Parvati
Tarinira Having the quality of liberating, A Goddess.
Tarishi A raft, boat, the ocean.
Tarita The leader, Goddess Durga.
Tarjani The first finger
Tarpini Satisfying, offering obligations.
Taru Tree
Tarul Baby Girl Name
Tarulata Creeper
Taruna Young girl.
Taruni young girl
Tarunika Young girl
Tarunima Youth
Tavishi Power, strength, courage, heavenly, earth.
Tanseem Salute of paradise
Tashvi Composed, charming.
Tatini River
Tavishi Courage.

Hindu Baby Boy Names According to Rashi(Moon Sign)

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