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Hindu Baby Boy Names According to Rashi(Moon Sign)

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     Simha /Leo Rashi Names :    Simha Rashi Baby Boy Names

Sun/Surya is the master planet of Simha rashi. The people of this sign are courageous, tall in height and have powerful physique and broad chest. They possess impressive and commanding personality. They are born with leadership qualities and have magnetic power of attraction. They are ambitious and have dominating nature. They seek such occupations like military, police services or administrative services. They are proud, pious and clean hearted. They get fewer results for their deeds but are never disappointed. They achieve rise in destiny very late sometimes above 30 yrs of age. Simha Rashi names start with alphabet Ma ,Mi, Mee ,Mu, Moo ,May, Me ,Mo, Mau ,Ta ,Ti, Tee ,Tu, Too ,Te, Tay. In this list we have unique, cute and modern Simha Rashi names for Indian Hindu Baby Boy with their meaning and origin.

             Simha Rashi Baby boy Names List with Meanings

Simha Rashi Names Meaning
Manddhan Respectable.
Mandeep Light of the mind
Mandin Delighting
Mandir Temple
Mandith Adorned
Maneesh Desire.
Manendra King of mind
Mangal Auspicious
Mangalesh Auspicious person.
Mangesh Lord Shiva
Manohar Beautiful; captivating
Mani A jewel
Manibhushan Supreme gem
Manideep Glow of a gem.
Manik ruby
Maitreya Friend
Majman Greatness, majesty.
Makarand Bee
Makhesh Lord Krishna.
Makul A bud
Makur Mirror
Makut Crown.
Malank Garlanded, a king.
Malarvendan Gentle
Malateesh Lover of Malati flower.
Malay A mountain
Malaya Fragrant
Malyaj Sandalwood.
Malayamarut Breeze from mountains.
Malhar A raga used in Indian music.
Minnat Request.
Mirza A prince
Misal Example
Mithil Kingdom.
Mithilesh The king of Mithila, Janak, father of Sita
Mithun Gemini
Mitra friend, the sun
Mitrayu Attractive, friendly.
Mitroday Sun rise.
Mitul Friend
Modak Pleasing, attractive.
Modal Pleasure, enjoyment, fragrance.
Mohajit Attractive
Mohak Attractive
Mohal Attractive
Mohamad The Prophet
Mohan Lord Krishna; attractive
Mohit Attracted
Mohin Facinating
Mohnish Lord Krishna
Mohul Attractive
Moksh Mukti, freedom from death.
Moti Pearl
Motilal Pearl
Moulik Valuable
Mridul Tender, soft.
Tirthak Holy, free from sin.
Tirthankara Jains Saint
Tirthapad Lord Krishna.
Tirthatam A holy object.
Tirtheshwar Maker of a passage, holy, sacred.
Tisya Fortunate, auspicious.
Tisyaketu With a banner of fortune, Lord Shiva.
Titha Fire, love, time.
Titikshu Enduring patiently.
Titir A bird
Tivradyuti Hot rayed, the sun.
Tivranand Lord Shiva.
Toshan Satisfaction, contentment.
Toshin Satisfied.
Toshit Happy.
Toyaraj The king of waters, the ocean.
Toyesh Lord of waters.
Trailokva The three worlds
Triambak Lord Shiva
Tribhuvan The tree worlds
Tridham Shining in the three worlds.
Tridhaman Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh.
Tridhatu Consisting of three matters.
Tridib Heaven
Tejeshwar The sun
Tejindra Glorious Chief.
Tejisth Very sharp and bright.
Tejomay Glorious
Tejoram Shri Ram.
Tejorasi Name of a jain Guru.
Tarendra The prince of stars.
Tarik One who crosses the river of life
Tariq Morning star
Tarish Raft, boat, a competent person, the ocean.
Tarit Lightning
Tarosh Heaven.
Tarpan Refreshing
Tarsa With a fine shape, raft, ocean.
Tarun Young
Tarunak Youthful.
Tantrayin The sun.
Tanu Slender, minute, delicate.
Tanubhav Son.
Tanuj Son
Tanun The wind.
Tanunpat Self generated, Lord Shiva.
Tanurj With heat in the body.
Tanveer Enlightened
Tanvin Possessed of a body.
Tanvir Strong
Tapan The sun
Tapankar Sunbeam.
Tapanmani The sunstone.
Tapanpal The sunstone.
Tapas Ascetic
Tushtiman Satisfied.
Tushya Lord Shiva, satisfied.
Tuvidymna Very glorious, powerful, Lord Indra.
Tuvijat Lord Indra
Tuviksh Powerful, Lord Indra’s bow.
Tuvimanyu Very zealous.
Tuvishravas Highly renowned, fire.
Tuvishtam Strongest.
Tusharsuvra White as snow
Tvashta Creator of living beings, heavenly builder.
Tvashtadhar Abode of creation.
Tvesin Impetuous.

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