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Hindu Baby Girl Names According to Rashi(Moon Sign)

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     Mithuna / Gemini Rashi Names :    Mithuna Rashi Baby Girl Names

Master planet of Mithun rashi is Mercury/Budh. The persons with Gemini sign have small face, pointing towards chin. They may possess dual nature. They have effective personality, depicting their intelligence, judicious and humane nature. Their nature is versatile, imaginative, pleasant, thoughtful and adaptable. The people of this sign usually have thin physique, are tall in height, medium complexion, dark eyes, thin hair. They are generally soft-spoken, with good power of oration.They are fast at work. They advance their logic in talk, conversations. They love change and possess foresightedness. As a rule, they are short tempered but cool down quite easily. They can consistently work without feeling fatigue. Mithuna Rashi names start with alphabets Ka, Ca ,Ki, Ke ,Ku, Cu, Koo, Coo ,Gha ,Yan ,Cha, Chi ,Kay, Kew ,Ko, Co ,Ha. In this list we have unique, cute and modern Mithuna Rashi names for Indian Hindu Baby Girl with their meaning. 

             Mithuna Rashi Baby GIrl Names List with Meanings

Mithuna Rashi Names Meaning
Kanush Beloved.
Kanya Daughter.
Kanyaka A girl, Goddess Parvathi.
Kanyal Girl.
Kanyana Maiden.
Kapila Perfume, river, name of the celestial cow.
Kapardini A goddess.
Kapotakshi Eyes like a pigeon’s.
Kara Pure.
Karabi A flower.
Karida Untouched.
Karina Dear little one, pure.
karish Attractive.
Karishma Miracle.
Karuli Innocent.
Karuna Compassion, mercy.
Karunya Merciful.
Karunamayi Merciful.
Karma Destiny.
Karmistha Extremely diligent.
Karthiaeini Indian Goddess name.
Karnika Heart of the Lotus.
Kasha Beautiful.
Kashi Varanasi, the holy city.
Kashika The shining one.
Kamadha Granting desires.
Kamakshi Name of goddess Parvathi.
Kamakhya Goddess durga.
Kamala Goddess.
Kamalakshi One whose eyes are beautiful like lotuses.
Kamali Full of desires.
Kamalika Lotus.
Kamalnayan Lotus-eyed.
Kamalini Lotus.
Kamalkali The bud of lotus.
Kamana Desire.
Kamania Like the moon.
Kameelah Perfect.
Kamika Desired.
Kamini A beautiful woman.
Kamitha Desired.
Kampana Unsteady.
Chandramati Name of Harishchandra’s wife.
Chandramukhi As beautiful as the moon.
Chandratara The moon and the stars conjoined.
Chandravathi Lit by the moon.
Chandrani Wife of the moon.
Chandri Moonlight, illuminating.
Chandrika Moonlight.
Chandrima The moon.
Changuna A good woman.
Chapala Restless.
Charita Good.
Charu Beautiful
Charukeshi One with beautiful hair.
Charulata Beautiful creeper.
Charumati One with beautiful mind.
Charunetra One with beautiful eyes.
Charuprabha Beautiful.
Charusheela A jewel.
Charvi A beautiful woman.
Cauvery Name of a river.
Chahna Love, affection.
Chahat Liking.
Chaina Peace.
Chairavali Full moon of Chaitra month.
Chaitali Born in the month of Chaitra.
Chaitanya Consciousness.
Chaitra Aries sign.
Chakori A bird, shining content.
Chakrika Goddess Lakshmi.
Chala Incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.
Chalama Goddess Parvathi.
Chameli Jasmine.
Champa A flower.
Champabati The capital.
Champakali A bud of Champa.
Champakmala Garland of Champa flowers.
Champamalini Garden of Champa flowers.
Champavati The capital.
Champika Little champa flower.
Chanasya Delighting.
Chanchal Unsteady.
Chanchala Unsteady.
Chanchari Bird, vortex of water.
Chanda Goddess.
Chandana Sandalwood.
Chandanika Diminutive.
Chandalini Glorious.
Chandika Diminutive of Chandana.
Chandni Moon light.
Chandra Moon.
Chandrabali Krishna’s friend.
Chandrabhaga River.
chandrabindu Crescent moon.
Chandraja Daughter of the moon.
Chandrakala Moon beams.
Chandrakin A peacock.
Chandralekha A ray of moon.
Charitra History, character.
Chatura Clever.
Chabbi Picture
Chhavi Picture, image, reflection, a ray of light.
Chaya Shadow.
Chayana Moon.
Chellam Pampered.
Chetana Energy.
Chimayi Blissful.
Chintana Meditation.
Chintamani A gem.
Chintanika Meditation.
Chiti Love.
Chitra Painting, picture.
Chitkala Knowledge.
Chitrakala Arts of eternal knowledge.
Chitralekha Beautiful picture.
Chitrali A row of pictures.
Chitramala Series of pictures.
Chitramaya Worldly illusion.
Chitrangada One of Arjuna’s wives.
Chitrani The river.

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