Hindu Baby Girl Names By Makar/Capricorn Rashi

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     Makar/capricorn Rashi Names :    Makar Rashi Baby Girl Names

Master planet of Makar rashi is saturn/Shani. The people under this sign are thin in body, long-necked and have thin teeth. They are stable and serious in nature. They set high standards for themselves. Sometimes their private and social lives are different. They are critical in nature and even do not spare themselves in criticism. The seers and sages are also found under this sign. They may have to face rivalry and strong enmity in life. They are showy sometimes. Rise in destiny is marked at 32-33 years of age. Makar/Capricorn Rashi names start with alphabet Bho, Bhau ,Ja ,Ji, Jee, Jhi ,Khi, Khee ,Kh , Khu, Khoo ,Khey, Khay ,Kho, Khau ,Ga ,Gi, Gee, Ghee. In this list we have unique, cute and modern Makar Rashi names for Indian Hindu Baby Girl with their meaning and origin.

             Makar Rashi Baby GIrl Names List with Meanings

Makar Rashi Names Meaning
Bhaumi Goddess Sita.
Gina Silvery.
Giinni Gold coin.
Gira Language.
Giribala Goddess Parvathi.
Girija Goddess Parvathi.
Gita Song.
Gitihika A small song.
Gitanjali An offering of songs.
Gitali Lover of song.
Gitashri The divine Gita.
Giva Hill.
Ganika Flower.
Ganit Garden.
Ganitha Regarded.
Ganjan Exceeding.
Garati Virtuous woman.
Gargi An ancient scholar.
Garima Warmth.
Gathika Song.
Gatita A river.
Gauhar A pearl.
Gaura A fair woman.
Gauri Goddess Parvathi.
Gaurika A young girl.
Gautami Name of a river.
Gayana Singing.
Gayantika Singing.
Gayatri Goddess Durga.
Khanak Sound of the bangles.
Khevna Wish.
Khushbu Sweet fragrance.
Khushi Happiness.
Khyat Famous.
Khyati Fame.
Janya Born.
Jarul queen of flowers.
Jasmin A flower.
Jasmine Fragrant flower.
Jasmitha Smile.
Jasna Clear, bright.
Jasrani Queen of fame.
Jasoda Mother of Lord Krishna.
Jasodhara Mother of Lord Buddha.
Jasu Brainy.
Jasum Hibiscus.
Jatalika Light, luster, splendor.
Javeria The name of prophet Muhammad’s wife.
Jaya Victory, Goddess Durga.
Jayalakshmi The goddess of victory.
Jayalalita Victorious, Goddess Durga.
Jayamala Garland of Victory.
Jayanti Goddess Parvathi.
Jayani One who brings victory.
Jayanti Goddess Parvathi.
Jayantika Goddess Durga, Parvathi.
Jaabili Full moon.
Jaavali Baby Girl Name
Jaba The name of a flower.
Jabheen Forehead.
Jacinta Beautiful.
Jada Wise.
Jafit Beautiful.
Jagadamba Mother of the universe.
Jagadambika Goddess Durga.
Jagadeeshwari Goddess Lalithamba
Jaganmayee Goddess Lakshmi.
Jaganmata Mother of the world.
Jaganmohini Most attractive in the world.
Jagati The earth.
Jagavi, jagvi. Worldly, Born of the world.
Jagriti Vigilance, awakening.
Jagruti Awareness.
Jahanara Queen of the world.
Jahnavi Daughter of Jahmu.
Jaheel Lake.
Jaidhwani Music of victory, shout of victory.
Jaikirti Glory of victory.
Jailekha A record of victory.
Jaimal Garland of victory.
Jaiman Victorious.
Jaimati Victorious mind.
Jaina Good teacher.
Jaipriya Beloved of victory.
Jaishila One to whom victory comes habitually.
Jaishree Honour of victory.
Jaishwari Baby Girl Name
Jaisudha The nectar of victory.
Jaivati Bearer of victory.
Jaivanti Long lived.
Jaiwanti Victory.
Jala Clarity.
Jalabala A river.
Jaladhi Treasure of water.
Jaladhija Lakshmi.
Jalaja Lotus.
Jalajakshi Lotus eyed.
Jalahasini Smile of water.
Jalanhili As blue as water.
Jalela Goddess of water.
Jhinuk Oyster.
Jigisha Desire to be victorious.
Jigna Curious to research.
Jignasa Academic curiosity.
Jigya Curiosity to know.
Jijabai Mother of Shivaji.
Jilpa Life giving.
Jinal Lord Vishnu.
Jithya Victorious.
Jivika Source of life.
Jiya Sweet heart.
Jalpa Talk, discussion.
Jalsa Healing, happiness.
Jamila Beautiful.
Jamini Night.
Jamirah Beautiful one.
Jamuna Holy river.
Janaki Goddess Sita.
Janaknandini Daughter of King Janak(Sita).
Janani Mother.
Janavika Baby Girl Name
Janeesa The lord of gracious.
Jankruiti Baby Girl Name
Januja A daughter.
Janhavi River Ganga.
Janhita One who thinks of the welfare of mankind.
Janisha Dispeller of ignorance.
Janitha Born.
Jarita A bird in Hindu legend.
Jarul Queen of flowers.
Jayaprabha Light of victory.
Jayaprada One who gives victory.
Jayata Victorious.
Jayati Victorious.
Jayita Victorious.

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