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        Hindu Baby Boy Names By Dhanu Rashi

     Dhanu Rashi Names :    Dhanu Rashi Baby Boy Names

Dhanu Rashi names start with alphabet "bha", "dha", "pha". In this list we have unique, cute and modern Dhanu Rashi names for Indian Hindu Baby Boy with their meaning and origin.

To choose the Indian Hindu Names for your baby with other rashi(moon signs), Please choose a rashi from the  list below.

Hindu Baby Boy Names According to Rashi(Moon Sign)

Mesha RashiVrishabha RashiMituna RashiKarka RashiSimha RashiKanya Rashi
Tula RashiVruschika RashiDhanu RashiMakar RashiKumbha RashiMeena Rashi

             Dhanu Rashi Baby boy Names List with Meanings

Dhanu Rashi Names Meaning Origin
Bhadra Blessed, happy. Indian (Hindu)
Bhadrang Beautiful body. Indian (Hindu)
Bhadrak handsome Indian (Hindu)
Bhadraksh One with beautiful eyes. Indian (Hindu)
Bhadranidhi Treasure of Goodness. Indian (Hindu)
Bhadyoga A sage. Indian (Hindu)
Bhagaditya The sun which bestows wealth. Indian (Hindu)
Bhagat Devotee. Indian (Hindu)
Bhagvan The God. Indian (Hindu)
Bhagvanth The God. Indian (Hindu)
Bhageerath A king who brought river Ganga from heavens to earth. Indian (Hindu)
Bhagwan Fortunate. Indian (Hindu)
Bhagwant Fortunate. Indian (Hindu)
Bhagwanti Lucky. Indian (Hindu)
Bhgyanandan Controller of destiny. Indian (Hindu)
Bhagyaraj Almighty. Indian (Hindu)
Bhagyaranth A fortunate and wealthy person. Indian (Hindu)
Bhairav Lord Shiva. Indian (Hindu)
Bhajan Praise of God. Indian (Hindu)
Bhakthapriya God who is fond of devotees. Indian (Hindu)
Bhagthavatsal God fond of devotees. Indian (Hindu)
Bhama Charming, beautiful. Indian (Hindu)
Bhanu The sun. Indian (Hindu)
Bhanudas A devotee of sun. Indian (Hindu)
Bhanuj Saturn. Indian (Hindu)
Bhanumik Landlord. Indian (Hindu)
Bhanuprakash Sunshine. Indian (Hindu)
Bhanutej Sunlight. Indian (Hindu)
Bharadwaj A sage. Indian (Hindu)
Bharat An epic, shri Rama’s brother. Indian (Hindu)
Dhairyesh Patience. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanajit Wealth. Indian (Hindu)
Dhairavnath Brave person. Indian (Hindu)
Dhairya Patience. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanapal Rich Man. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanesh Lord of wealth. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanin Wealthy. Indian (Hindu)
Dhaneshwar God of wealth. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanhanjay Arjun. Indian (Hindu)
Dhaniram The one who is deeply religious, Indian (Hindu)
Dhanraj King of wealth. Indian (Hindu)
Dhansukh Wealthy, happy. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanvant Wealthy. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanvanthri Ayurveda Pandit. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanwi Warrior. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanya Fortunate. Indian (Hindu)
Dharam Truth, religion, duty. Indian (Hindu)
Dharampal Follower of truth. Indian (Hindu)
Dharendra King of the earth. Indian (Hindu)
Dharineesh One who rules the earth. Indian (Hindu)
Dharinendra King who rules the earth. Indian (Hindu)
Dharinipal Ruler of the earth. Indian (Hindu)
Dharanidhar The cosmic serpant. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmachandra Moon of Dharma. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmdas The one who serves his religion. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmaditya Son of Dharma. Indian (Hindu)
Dharamdev Yudhistir. Indian (Hindu)
Dharamanand One who is happy in following Dharma. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmpal Protector of his religion. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmaputra Yudhistra. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmveer Religiously bold. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmendra God of religion. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmendu Light of religion. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmic Religious. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmraj Yudhistir. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmtej Shine of Righteousness. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmatma Arjun. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmveer Righteous bold man. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmendra Righteous virtuous man. Indian (Hindu)
Dharmesh Lord of Dharma. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanesh Lord of wealth. Indian (Hindu)
Dhansukh Wealthy. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanu Contentment. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanvant Wealthy. Indian (Hindu)
Dhanvin Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu. Indian (Hindu)
Dharendra King of earth. Indian (Hindu)
Phalak Sky. Indian (Hindu)
Phaneesh King of serpents. Indian (Hindu)
Phanindra Sesh; the divine snake. Indian (Hindu)
Phaniraj King of serpents. Indian (Hindu)

Hindu Baby Girl Names According to Rashi(Moon Sign)

Mesha RashiVrishabha RashiMituna RashiKarka RashiSimha RashiKanya Rashi
Tula RashiVruschika RashiDhanu RashiMakar RashiKumbha RashiMeena Rashi
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