Family Quotes, Best Quotes on Family

The forces pulling on families are just too strong in the modern world. Ultimately, we must decide either to steer or to go where the river takes us. The key to successful steering is to be intentional about family rituals.
William Doherly

Many parents are willing to give their children everything EXCEPT themselves.


No matter what you've done for yourself or humanity. If you can't look back on having given love and attention to your family, what have you really accomplished.

Lee Lacocca

Don't  let your family get so busy that you don't sit down to at least one meal a day togehter.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The family that eats, works, plays and prays together, stays together.


To a child, love is a four-letter word spelled T-I-M-E

Dr Cindy Nunk

We need to spend twice as much time with our kids and half as much money on them.

David Walsh

I asked my students what they preferred to receive from their parents, money or time, they all chose time.

Jonnie Johnson

My mother phones daily to ask, Did you just try to reach me?' When I reply, "No", she adds, 'So if you are not too busy; call me while I'm still alive,' and hangs up.

Emma Bombeck

The best thing to spend on your children is "TIME" .

Louise Hart