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Proverbs with Meanings

Call a spade a spade .

This proverb means the one who speaks directly, often about embarrassing subjects.

Clothes make the man.

This proverb means that good clothes make you look elegant.

Charity begins at home .

This proverb means that before thinking of the welfare of others we should take care of ourselves and our family.

Comparisons are odious.

This proverb means that It is bad to compare people to one another.

Courtesy costs nothing.

This proverb means that everyone should be polite.

Cheapest is dearest.

This proverb means that Some items may save you money because they are cheap, but their quality may be poor.

Confession is good for the soul.

This proverb means that admitting that you have done wrong makes you a better person.

Confessed faults are half-mended.

This proverb means that When you own up to a fault, you are halfway to be changed into a better person.

Curses are like chickens, they come home to roost.

This proverb means that Curses you place on others may find their fulfilment in you, so it is best not to curse anyone.

Curiosiity Killed the cat.

This proverb means that showing too much interest in someone else's affairs can be harmful to you.

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