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Christian Baby Names >> Christian baby Girl names starting with D

       Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with D

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 Christian Baby Boy names:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

    Christian Baby Names  :  Christian Baby Girl Names starting with D

Christian Baby names for your new born baby. In this section we have 89 unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest Indian Christian baby names which begin with letter D for new born baby Girl. You can read new born baby names of Christian origin starting from D with meanings for free.

Christian Baby Girl Names Meaning
Daijah Already
Daina A Form Of Dana
Daisey A Form Of Daisy
Daisha Alive, She Who Lives
Daisy Name Of A Flower
Daja Already
Dakota The Allies
Dakotah, Dakota Friend
Dalena A Form Of Dale
Damaris A Little Woman.
Danah A Form Of Dana
Danica Morning Star
Danielle Feminine Of Daniel
Daphne Greek Bay Tree
Dara Compassionate
Daralis Beloved
Daria Rich
Darla A Short Form Of Darlene
Darlene Tenderly Beloved
Davida Feminie of David
Davonna A Form Of Davina, Devonna
Dawn Breaking of Day
Dawna A Form Of Dawn
Dayla Dayla
Dayle A Form Of Dale
Daysi A Form Of Daisy
Deana Valley
Debora Hebrew Bee
Deborah Word; Thing; A Bee.
Deirdre Sorrow
Deisy A Form Of Daisy
Delia Feminine Of Delius
Delicia Suggests Delight
Delilah Poor; Small; Head Of Hair.
Delisa A Form Of Delicia
Delisha A Form Of Delicia
Della A Short Form Of Adelaide
Delsie A Familiar Form Of Delores
Delwyn Proud Friend; Friend From The Valley
Dena Valley
Denise Greek God Of Nyssa
Deona A Form Of Deandra, Deona, Diona
Deondra A Form Of Dena
Deonna A Form Of Devonna
Desiree To Watch With Desire
Destiny Ones Fate
Devin Poet
Devona From Devonshire
Devonna A Form Of Daisy
Deysi Virgin Goddess
Diana Wall; Dike
Diana; Diane Virgin Goddess
Dinah Judgment; Who Judges.
Dixie Low, Rolling Hills
Doanne Beautiful; Doll-like
Dolie Beautiful; Doll-like
Dolly Diminuative Of Dorothea
Dolores Sp. Mary Of The Sorrows
Dominica Feminine Variant Of Dominic
Dominique Feminine Variant Of Dominic
Domino Lady or Mistress
Dona Latin Given
Donna Lady Or Mistress
Dora Greek Gods Gift
Dorabella A Combination Of Dora & Lynn
Doralynn Of the Sea
Dorcas A Female Roe-deer.
Doris Variant Of Dora
Dorothea Greek Gods Gift
Dorothy Greek Gods Gift
Dreama Heavenly Guidance
Drew Masculine
Drucilla Dewey Eyes
Drusilla Watered By The Dew.
Dusti Deer

Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with E

Most of the Christian baby Girl names are derived from The Holy Bible. Choosing the Christian name for your baby Girl is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little princess deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute christian baby name for your baby Girl, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Christian Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Indian Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally christian names, christian biblical Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.