Biblical Christian Baby Boy names : Names from Holy Bible

Every parent wants to choose a name for his/her baby Boy which is beautiful, spiritual and meaningful because the name moulds the overall personality of the child and it remains with him thoughout his life. With that in mind we created the list below to give you some Biblical christian Boy names to consider. We completely understand how special and important  a time this is in your life right now. And we want to contribute positively to that experience by providing you with thousands of beautiful, and unique chrstian baby boy names  from the Holy Bible, at your fingertips.  If you are looking for a Christian Baby Boy Name from the Bible, then you have come to the right place.  So enjoy and choose which you feel the best for your baby Boy. 

List of Biblical Christian Boy names & meanings

Aaron: Aaron means Enlighter, teacher and massanger. In holy bible Aaron was the eldest son of Amram and Jochebed. His brother was Moses and his sister was Miriam. Aaron was the divinely-appointed spokesman of Moses, and he persuaded the Israelites to trust his brother. He also became the first high priest of the nation.
Other Variants: Aharon, Ahron, Arend, Ari, Arny, Aron, Haroun

Abdeel: Abdeel is a biblical name which means Servant of God. He was the Father of Shelemiah, an official under King Jehoiakim.

Abel: According to holy Bible Abel was the Second son of Adam and Eve, the first human parents. The meanng of this name is Breath, vapour. Abel was a keeper of sheep, the world's first shepherd. He found favour in the eyes of God and was the first human being to please God after his parents' catastrophic fall from grace.
Other Variants: Abelard, Abeles, Abell, Abi, Able, Hevel, Nab.

Abida: means Father of wisdom, the father knows. He was the Son of Midian and grandson of Abraham and Keturah.

Abidan: According to the Holy Bible the name means The father will decide. Abidan was A chief of the tribe of Benjamin.

Abiel: means The father is God, God is the father. In Bible Abiel was the Son of Zeror. Father of Kish and the grandfather of Saul and Abner.

Abiezer: It means ather of help, the father is my help. He was the eldest son of Gilead and a descendant of Joseph. His brothers were Helek, Asriel, Shechem, Hepher and Shemida.
Other Variants: Iezer, Jeezer, Iezerrm.

Abihail: According to Holy Bible it means The father is strength, father of strength. Abihail was a clan chief. The father of Zuriel.

Abijah: It means God is father, whose father is God. Abijah was the Seventh son of Beker and a grandson of Benjamin.

Abiram: means High father, the father is exalted, greatest. He was the Son of Eliab the Reubenite. With Korah and Dathan, Abiram conspired against Moses. For this crime the earth swallowed him

Abishai: According to bible it means Father of gifts, gift of the father.He was The son of Zeruiah, David's sister. He offered to kill Saul for David, saying, "God hath delivered thine enemy into thine hand this day." He defeated the Edomites and rescued David from a fight with a Philistine giant.
Other Variants: Abisha.

Abner: It is a biblical name which means the father is a lamp, father of light. A son of Ner. Nephew of Kish and cousin of Saul. He was chief commander of Saul's military forces.
Other Variants: Ab, Abbey, Abby, Abiner, Avner, Eb, Ebbey, Ebby, Ebner

Abraham: means Father of many, father of a multitude, father of the cosmos. Son of Terah and a descendant of Shem, eldest son of Noah. His original name was Abram, which in Hebrew meant high father or exalted father. This was changed by God, who said, "No longer shall your name be Abram, but your name shall be Abraham, for I have made you the father of many nations".
Other Variants: Ab, Abe, Abi, Abrahan, Abram, Abramo, Abran, Avraham, Avram, Avrom, Bram, Ham, Ibrahim.

Absalom: According to the holy Bible, It means Father of peace, He was third son of King David. His mother was Maacah and his sister was Tamar.
Other Variants: Abishalom, Absolom

Adam: Means Earth, red earth, taken from the red earth, or (in a general sense) man, humanity. The first person created by God to live in the garden of Eden. His wife was Eve. The meaning of the name Adam is somewhat uncertain. In the Bible, the name is used in two different senses: firstly as the name of a person, and secondly, as a broad name for all humankind.
Other Variants: Ad, Adamo, Adamson, Adan, Adao, Addison, Addos, Adekin, Adom, Edom

Adin: It means Delicate. ccording to the Bible he was the head of an important family that returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel from captivity in Babylon.

Adriel: It means Flock of God, belonging to God. He was the son of Barzillai and son-in-law of Saul. His wife was Merab.

Akim: According to holy Bible, it means God will establish. Akim was the Son of Sadoc. An ancestor of Jesus Christ.

Alexander:Meaning of this name is Defender of men, man-defending. Alxander was the Son of Simon of Cyrene, the man chosen to help Jesus bear the Cross to Calvary. His brother was Rufus.
Other Variants: Alastair, Alec, Aleck, Alecksander, Aleksei, Alessander, Alex, Alexis, Alistair, Allister, Sandy, Sasha, Zander. The female forms include Alejandra,

Andrew: It means Manly. Andrew was the disciple of Jesus Christ and a former disciple of John the Baptist. He was the son of Jonas of Bethsaida on the Sea of Galilee.
Other Variants: Anders, Andonis, Andor, Andre, Andrea, Andreas, Andrei

Azzan: Means Very strong, most powerful. Azzan was the chief among the Issachar in the time of Moses. His son was Paltiel.

Barakel: It means God blesses, blessed of God. In the bible he was the father of Elihu, a friend of Job.

Barush: It means Blessed. In Bible, he was the Son of Zabbai and an assistant to Nehemiah in the reconstruction of Jerusalem.

Caesar: Means Hairy, Elephant, dark, beautiful. Caesar was the Surname of the Roman general, Caius Julius Caesar and of the first emperor, Augustus Caesar.

Caleb: It means Bold, brave. In Bible he was the Son of Jephunneh. One of the spies sent out by Moses to survey the land of Canaan.

Canaan: Means Lowland, plain.According to Bible was the son of Ham and a grandson of Noah.

Daniel: Meaning of this name is Judge, judgment of God, God is my judge. Daniel was the the second son of King David.
Other Variants:  Dan, Dani, Danil, Danson, Danny, Dennel

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