Biblical Christian Baby Girl names : Names from Holy Bible

Every parent wants to choose a beautiful, spiritual and meaningful name for his/her baby Girl because the name moulds the overall personality of the child and it remains with her thoughout her life. With that in mind we created the list below to give you some Biblical christian Girl names to consider. We completely understand how special and important  a time this is in your life right now. And we want to contribute positively to that experience by providing you  with thousands of beautiful, and unique chrstian baby Girl names  from the Holy Bible, at your fingertips.  If you are looking for a Christian Baby Girl Name from the Bible, then you have come to the right place.  So enjoy and choose which you feel the best for your baby Girl. 

List of Biblical Christian Girl names & meanings

Abigail: It means spring of joy. She was Wife of Nabel. She was wise and beautiful, but her husband Nabel was an ill-mannered drunkard.

Abital:Abital means the father is dew, like the dew. According to Holy Bible, she was One of King David's wives. She was the mother of Shephatiah, the fifth son of David

Adah: means Beauty, ornament. First wife of Lamech, the other being Zillah. Ada (or Adah) had two sons, Jabal and Jubal. Hers is the second woman's name to appear in the Bible, after Eve.
Other Variants: Adah, Adena, Adina, Dena, Dina

Adalia: means Fire-god. It is a unisex name and used for both boys and girls. Adalia was one of the ten sons of Haman the Agagite killed by the Jews.

Ammiel: It means People of God, my kinsman is God.

Anna: Anna means Gracious, grace. Anna was the daughter of Phanuel, an Asherite. She became a prophetess. As an old woman, she saw the infant Jesus Christ and recognised Him at once as the long-awaited Messiah.
Other Variants: Anca, Ania, Anica, Anita, Anka, Anne, Annette, Anni, Annice, Anusia, Nan, Nance, Nancy, Nanette

Apphia: means Productive, bountiful. She was a christian woman of Colosse. She was the wife of Philemon and the mother of Archippus

Artemis: Meaning unknown. She was the Pagan Greek goddess of the moon, animals and hunting. She was called Diana by the Romans. Her mythical father was Zeus, and her brother was Apollo.
Other Variants: Artema, Artemas

Asenath : It means the devotee of Neith . This is a very old name, known to have existed in Egypt as long as four thousand years ago. Asenath was the daughter of Potiphera, a priest.

Atarah: It means Crown. According to the Holy Bible, she was Mother of Onam. Her husband was Jerahmeel.

Basemath: It means Pleasing, fragrant.In Bible she was the Daughter of Elon the Hittite. A wife of Esau. She was also known as Adah.

Bathshua: It means the daughter of wealth. She was daughter of Shua and the wife of Judah.

Bernice: It means bringing victory, victorious. According to the bible she was the eldest daughter of Herod Agrippa.
Other Variants: Barrie, Bernelle, Berenice, Bernita, Bunni, Nicia

Bilhah: It means timid, modest. In bible she was a maid given by Laban to his daughter Rachel, the second wife of Jacob.

Candace: It means Queen of servants. Candace may have been more a royal title than a name, such as the title Pharoah.
Other Variants: Candance, Candase, Candida, Candide, Candis, Candra, Candy.

Claudia : means Lame, limping. It is a Christian woman of Rome who joined with Paul in sending greetings to Timothy

Deborah: means Bee. She was the beloved nurse of Rebekah. She was buried under a tree called the "oak of weeping".

Dinah: Means Judged, vindicated. In Bible she was the Eldest daughter of Jacob and Leah.

Drusilla: It means Watered by dew. She was the youngest daughter of Herod Agrippa.
Other Variants: Dru, Drucie, Drucilla, Drusa

Elisha: It means God is generous, God is my help.

Elisheba: means God is her oath, promise of God. She was the daughter of Amminidab

Elizabeth: Meaning of this name is God is her oath, promise of God. In bible she was the Wife of Zechariah the priest.

Eunice: means Good victory. In Bible she was daughter of Lois and mother of Timothy

Eve: means Life, living, breath of life, mother of all life. The first woman and second human being created by God.
Other Variants: Eva, Evaline, Evita, Evleen, Evonne

Hannah: means God has favoured, God has blessed. She was one of the two wives of Elkanah.
Other Variants: Chanah, Chani, Hanita, Hanna, Hanny, Nan, Nana

Helah : means Rust. In bible she was one of the two wives of Asshur, the other being Naarah.

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