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          Tamil  christian Names:Tamil christian Names for baby Girl

             Tamil  Baby Girl Names A-Z List with Meanings


     Tamil christian Baby Girl Names

Tamil christian names for your baby.
In this section we have garnered a list of tamil christian names for baby Girl category,  .So if you are also the one, who wants to choose a christian baby name for your little one, then this page will help you.

Tamil christian Name for baby Girl Gender
Adria AFormOfAdriana,Adrienne
Adriane AFormOfAdrienne
Adrianne AFormOfAdrienne
Adriel the flock of God.
Adrien AFormOfAdrienne
Adriene AFormOfAdrienne
Adrienne Feminine of Adrian
Adrina AShortFormOfAdriana
Adsila Blossom
Baylie A Form Of Bailey
Beata Blessed
Beatrice She Who Blesses
Becky The Ensnarer
Belinda Pretty
Belle Beautiful
Carlena A Form Of Caroline
Carlene A Form Of Caroline
Carley A Form Of Carly
Carli A Form Of Carly
Carlie A Form Of Carly
Carly A Familiar Form Of Caroline
Carmen Crimson or Red
Carol Strong
Carole A Form Of Carol
Carolyn A Form Of Caroline
Dayla Dayla
Dayle A Form Of Dale
Daysi A Form Of Daisy
Deana Valley
Edeline Noble; Good Cheer
Edeva Expensive Present
Edie A Familiar Form Of Edith
Edilburga Noble Protector
Edina Prosperous Fort
Florence Flowering
Florie A Familiar Form Of Florence
Floris A Form Of Florence
Flossie A Familiar Form Of Florence
Flyta Rapid
Georgia Feminine Form Of George
Georgiana A Form Of Georgeanna
Georgianna A Form Of Georgeanna
Georgie A Familiar Form Of Georgeanne
Georgina A Form Of Georgia
Gerarda Brave Spearwoman
Gidget Giddy
Halona Of happy fortune
Hana Happiness
Happy Happy
Harlee A Form Of Harley
Harleen A Form Of Harley
Harleigh A Form Of Harley
Janecia A Form Of Janice
Janese A Form Of Jane
Janet A Form Of Jane
Janeth A Form Of Janet
Janey A Familiar Form Of Jane
Katreen A Form Of Katherine
Katrin A Form Of Katherine
Katrina Pure
Katrine A Form Of Katherine
Kattie A Familiar Form Of Kate
Katty A Familiar Form Of Kate
Katy A Familiar Form Of Kate
Laura Crowned With Laurel.
Lauran A Form Of Lauren
Laureanne A Short Form Of Laurianna
Lauren A Form Of Laura
Lauretta A Form Of Loretta
Lauriane A Short Form Of Laurianna
Madelena A Form Of Madeline
Madelene A Form Of Madeline
Madelin A Form Of Madeline
Madelyn A Form Of Madeline
Madlyn A Form Of Madeline
Madysen A Form Of Madison
Nelly A Familiar Form Of Cornelia
Neva New
Nijlon Mistress (Algonquin)
Nina Strong
Nita Bear (Choctaw)
Ravin A Form Of Raven
Ravyn A Form Of Raven
Rayven A Form Of Raven
Reanna An Alternate Form Of Raine
Scarlet A Form Of Scarlett
Scarlett Bright Red
Sebrina A Form Of Sabrina
Seelia A Form Of Sheila
Sela A Short Form Of Selena
Selah A Short Form Of Selena
Tamia A Form Of Tammy
Tamiya A Form Of Tammy
Tammi A Form Of Tammy
Tammie A Form Of Tammy
Tammy Twin
Tamsin A Short Form Of Thomasina
Yetta A Short Form Of Henrietta
Yoki Rain
Yudelle A Form Of Udele