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          Tamil  christian baby Names:Tamil christian Names for baby Boy

             Tamil  Baby Boy Names A-Z List with Meanings


     Tamil christian Baby Boy names

Tamil christian names for your baby.
In this section we have garnered a list of  tamil christian names for baby boy category,  .So if you are also the one, who wants to choose a christian name for your baby, then this page will help you in selecting the same.

Tamil christian baby boy names meaning
Abbott father
Abdiel servent of god
Aaron shining light
Aden Handsome, Adorned
Adiba Cultured, polite
Adlai my witness
Badrick Axe Ruler
Bail A Form Of Vail
Bail A Form Of Vail
Bailey Bailiff
Benjamin Son of Right Hand Benjy,Son of My Right Hand
Bennett Blessed
Bennie Son of my right
Benny Son of My Right Hand
Calvert Calf Herder
Calvin Bald
Camden Uncertain, perhaps "winding valley
Cameron Crooked nose
Camille Altar server
Dalen A Form Of Dale
Daley A Familiar Form Of Dale
Dalin A Form Of Dallin
Dalit Draw Water
Dallan A Form Of Dalan, Dallin
Dallen A Form Of Dalan, Dallin
Edbert Wealthy; Bright
Eddie A Familiar Form Of Edgar, Edward
Eddy A Familiar Form Of Edgar, Edward
Edgar Wealthy Spearman.
Edgard A Form Of Edgar
Faron A Form Of Faren
Farr Traveler
Farrar Blacksmith
Farrow Piglet
Feivel God Assists
Garin A Form Of Garry
Garion A Form Of Garry
Garland Land Of Spears; Battleground
Garman Spearman
Garnet A Form Of Garnett
Garnett Armed With A Spear
Halton Estate On The Hill
Ham Hot
Hamill Scarred
Hamilton Proud Estate
Hamish Supplanter
Iram Shining Isaac
Iravan King of ocean
Iridian Related to the eye
Irma Universal
Irvin Green water
Irving Green water
Irwin Boar friend
Jariath Tributary Lord
Jarlath a tributary lord
Jaron to cry out, singing
Jarrell A Form Of Gerald
Jarret A Form Of Jarrett
Jarrett From the name JARED
Kaiden N/A
Kailyn Slender
Kaine A spear
Kaleb From Caleb
Kaltan A Form Of Colton
Karl Free man
Landen A Form Of Landon
Landin A Form Of Landon
Landon Open, Grassy Meadow
Landry Ruler
Marc From the god Mars
Marcel Little Marcus
Marcelino From the god Mars
Marcello Little Marcus
Marcellus Little Marcus
Marcelo Little Marcus
Nevin Middle; Herb
Newbold New Tree
Newell New Hall
Newland New Land
Newman Newcomer
Olin Holly
Oliver Elf army
Olley Elf army
Ollie A Familiar Form Of Oliver
Olliver Elf army
Olsen Son of Ole
Parker of a park
Parkin Little Peter
Parr Cattle Enclosure, Barn
Parrish Church District
Pat Patrician
Patrice A patrician
Patrick Nobleman Paul
Quinten Fifth
Quintin Fifth
Quinton Fifth
Randal A Form Of Randolph
Randall Protected.
Randell A Form Of Randolph
Randolph Shield Wolf
Samuel His name is God
Sanborn Sandy Brook
Sander A Short Form Of Alexander
Sanders Son Of Sander
Sanford Sandy River Crossing
Santon Sandy Town
Saul asked for
Ullric Powerful through his inheritance
Ulmer Famous Wolf
Ulric Powerful through his inheritance
Ulrich Powerful through his inheritance
Vicente Conquering
Vick Victor
Victor Victor
Viktor Victor
Vince Conquering
Wakeman Watchman
Walby House Near A Wall
Walcott Cottage By The Wall
Walden Wooded Valley
Waldron Ruler
Zaid Increase
Zain A Form Of Zane
Zak Pure; the Lord remembers
Zakai innocent