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       Tamil Baby Girl Names By Mesha Rashi

     Mesha Rashi Names :    Mesha Rashi Tamil Baby Girl Names & Meaning

Mesha Rashi names start with alphabet A, L and E. In this list we have unique, cute and modern Mesha Rashi names for Tamil Baby Girl with their meaning and origin.

To choose the Tamil Names for your baby with other rashi(moon signs), Please choose a rashi from the  list below.

Tamil Baby Girl Names According to Rashi(Moon Sign)

Mesha RashiVrishabha RashiMituna RashiKarka RashiSimha RashiKanya Rashi
Tula RashiVruschika RashiDhanu RashiMakar RashiKumbha RashiMeena Rashi

           Mesha Rashi Baby Girl Names List with Meanings

 Tamil Girl Names Meaning
Aarti form of worship
Aarika Admired for looks
Aarini Adventerous
Aarna Goddess Lakshmi
Aarohi A music tune
Abhilasha wish, desire
Abhimaaninee who possess pride
Abhipsa Strong desire
Abhira Cow herd
Abhiri a raagini of Indian music
Abhirami Goddess Parvati
Abhiruchi Beautiful
Abhirupa beautiful (woman)
Lakshana one with auspicious signs on her
Lakshanya One who achieves
Lakshita Distinguished
Aastha faith
Aathmika Related to aathma or soul
Aatmaja daughter
Aayushi one with long life
Abha lustrous beauty
Abhaya a fearless woman
Ekani One
Ekanta Devoted girl
Ekantika singly focussed
Ekaparnika Goddess Durga
Aarushi first rays of the sun
Aasha hope
Aashalata creeper of hope
Aashi Smile
Aashiyana Beautiful home
Aashna Beloved; Devoted to love
Aashni Lightning
Aashritha somebody who gives shelter
Abhijaata well born (woman)
Abhijita victorious woman
Ekta Unity
Ela Earth
Elina pure, intelligent
Esha Desires and Pleasures
Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth
Lakshmishree fortunate
Lakshya aim, destination
Lalan nurturing
Lalana a girl
Lalasa love
Lali Blushing
Lalima Beauty
Lalita Beautiful Woman
Lalitamohana attractive, beautiful
Laranya Graceful
Lasaki Sita; made of lac
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