Witty Raju and three Boons(short story for kids)

Raju was a poor labourer. He worked in the fields of other farmers.He was very hones and simple man.  He had taken the loan from the landlord. So a small part of whatever he earned, was paid to the landlord in the form of interest. Therefore Raju was always hard-pressed.

His mother had become old. She was weak and her eyes too had gone weak. She was not happy with her life and wished that she died as it was useless living in a world and not being able to see it. Raju's wife was beautiful but her only grivance was that God has not blessed her with a child. She always prayed to God to give her a son.

Raju was also very religious. He was a great devotee of lord Shiva. One day when he was praying to Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva appeared before him. He fell in the feet of God. Lord Shiva said, "You are really honest. Despite all your problems, you have lived with simplicity and honest. I want to give you a boon. Tell me your wish, I shall fulfill it. But remember, do not ask for more than one thing. I shall grant only one boon."

Raju was very happy and thought that he should ask for money.  He thought if he asked for money, his wife will fight with him. She will say that I should have asked for a son. He decided to ask for a son. Then he remembered his mother who had become almost blind. He thought,"My mother would be annoyed if I don't ask for her eyes. I must ask for my mother's eyes. She is so sad, only due to her blindness." Raju was not able to decide. He said to God, "I want to contemplate over this issue for a minute." God allowed him.

An idea struck in Raju's mind and he at once decided what he should wish for. He said, "Please grant me a boon that my mother should see her grandson drinking milk in a gold glass."

God was pleased with Raju's wit and intelligence as he had asked all the three things in one single boon. God granted him his wish and disappeared.

It is true that using one's wit is useful in every field of life.

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