Wise Man Think Alike Story(Akbar & Birbal Story)

Once, Akbar happened to hear the saying,"Every man thinks differently". He said to Birbal, "Is it true that every man thinks differently?" Birbal said, " No, Your Majesty! Man does not always behave according to the saying. In fact, there is a saying which is exactly opposite to this one-'Wise men think alike'.

The emperor was interested in this saying. He said to Birbal,"You will have to prove the saying." Birbal said,"All self-seeking men think alike. There is no need to prove it." But Akbar was in no mood to take 'no' for an answer. Birbal said," All, right, Your Majesty! I will prove it to you."

The following day, Birbal asked the attendants of the palace to empty the pond. Then he issued a proclamation in the city, "Tonight, each and every citizen of the city will pour a pot of milk into the pond in the palace of Emperor Akbar."

In the morning, Akbar and Birbal went to the pond. When Akbar looked into the pond, he was shocked to find the pond filled with water. He shouted loudly,"What is this? Instead of milk, this pond is filled only with water! This is a contempt of my order. How can this happen? There must have been some mistake in issuing the proclamation! Or, perhaps, the people must have misunderstood the proclamation; for they will never disobey my order."

Birbal calmly said,"Your Majesty, your doubts are baseless. The truth is that everybody has deliberately poured a pot of water, instead of milk, into the pond. That is why it is said that 'Wise man think alike.' Akbar said,"How can I believe that what you say is truth?" Birbal said,"I will prove it to you." That night both of them went out in disguise for a walk through the city streets. They went to the mansion of a wealthy merchant. The merchant asked them, "Who are you?" Birbal replied,"We are travellers. We will rest here for some time and then proceed." The merchant welcomed them.

Akbar and Birbal went inside the house. Birbal said,"Friend, is it true that your Emperor had ordered everyone in the city to pour a pot of milk into his pond?" The merchant said,"Yes, it's true." Birbal asked,"Who would like to waste milk like that? The merchand said,"The Emperor may issue any order, but shouldn't we use our brains?" Then he said,"Actually, I poured a pot of water intstead of milk. One can see only the pot in the dark. How does one know what is there in the pot? Ans as it is, everybody else in the city was going to pour milk, It would make no difference if I poured a pot of water. Nobody would ever come to know about it."

After some time, Akbar and Birbal went further. They met with several people in the city. Each one told the same story,"Everybody else was going to pour a pot of milk into the pond. How would anyone come to know in the dark night that I was pouring a pot of water instead of milk?" As a result, everybody in the city had poured a pot of water into the pond. And then Akbar said,"Birbal, you are right, Wise men think alike."

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