We Reap What We Sow (short moral story for kids & Parents)

A boy named Raghu lived in a village with his widowed mother, Janaki. Janaki performed odd jobs and orked very hard to provide her son with clothes, food, shelter and a good education. Janaki also worked hard to understand Raghu's emotional needs and interests. One day, a fair was held in nearby village, aand Raghu asked his mother if he could go. To Raghu's delight his mother said yes. Even though money was very scarce, his mother gave Raghu Rs 20 that she had worked hard to save and told him to have fun at the fair with his friends. Raghu and his friends enjoyed theeir day at the fair and returned home in the evening.

Janaki asked Raghu, "Dear, did you enjoy yourself at the faair today?" With a wide grin, Raghu silently nodded his head. Seeing that he was holding something behind his back, Janaki asked," Dear, what do you have in your hands? What toys did you buy at the fair today?"

Slowly, Raghu pulled his hand from behind his back and extended it toward his mother. Seeing what was in his hand, Janaki was taken aback. It was a pair of steel tongs.

"Son, I gave you that money to buy yourself something special at the fair and instead you bought a pair of tongs?"

Raghu replied,"Mother, you are always thinking of my happiness. so today, I thought of you. We don't have a pair of tongs at home, so you have to use rags to lift hot vessels from the stove. Ofen I have seen you burn yourself doing this. So, today I decided to spend Rs 20 to buy these tongs for you." Moved. Janaki embraced Raghu and said, "Thank you, son"

The moral of the story is "What reap the same, what we sow".
Children are naturally empathetic. If we as parents are loving towards them, then they will learn to be kind and loving towards their family, friends and community.

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