Tom Thumb(short moral story for kids)

A poor woodman's wife sighed one day and said, 'If only we could have a son, even if he was only as tall as a thumb.' Time went by and in the end a child was born to her, a little boy who was exactly as tall as thumb, so they called him Tom thumb.

As the years went by, he remained small, but he became kind and intelligent boy. One day, it was necessary to take the cart to go and fetch his father, but his mother was unable to go,' 'I'll go,' said Tom thumb. It seemed impossible that someone so small could hold the reins, but then he climbed onto the horse;s ear , so that he speak and tell it where to go. When this happened, all the passersby thought that the horse must be very intelligent, to be able to go places by itself. A circus master wanted to buy it, only then he learned that the horse was not so clever, but waas guided by Tom thumb. So he wanted to buy the tiny boy instead. His father would not have sold him for all the gold in the world, but Tom thumb convinced him by saying: 'You need the money, Don't you ? Sell me to the circus and leave everything up to me.

In fact as soon as, Tom thumb got a chance, he ran away from the circus and since he was so small, he was able to avoid being recaptured and made his way back home.

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