The mad king and his faithful wife (short story for kids)

Once upon a time, there was a king who had been happy with his wife for many years. Unepectedly, however, either out of jealousy, or because of wicked gossip, or from some madness in his character, when he was fed up of his wife, he ordered her to return to her parents. The poor queen was desperate but could not change her husband's mind.

'I will allow you,' said the king, making a solitary concession, 'to take with you the dearest and the most precious thing you have.'

The next morning, when the king awoke, he was in a bed-room which he did not recognise. He blinked his eyes and a good look around but, the only thing, he was certain that he was not in his palace.

Angry and a little alarmed, the king called out and at once the queen caame in. 'Where am I?' he asked her, 'What have you done?'

'You said I could take with me the dearest and the most precious thing that I have. Nothing is more dearer or precious to me than you. When you fell asleep at night, I ordered the servants to bring you here, to the house of my parents. I could not live without you. The king realised he had been foolish. He embraced his wife and they returned happily to the royal palace.

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