The Frog Prince

Once upon a time, there was a king who had a beautiful daughter. She would spend hours playing with a golden ball in the garden of the palace. There was a lake near by. One day, the golden ball fell into the waters of the lake. The little princess began to weep.
"What is the matter, little princess? Why are you weeping?" asked a frog who lived in the water of that lake. "My favourite ball has dropped to the bottom of this lake," the princess replied.

"Don't cry any more; I shall help you. What will you give me if I fetch your golden ball from the bottom?" said the frog to the princess.
I shall give you anything you ask". the princess replied at once.

The frog dived down and emerged with the ball between the hands. "Take it," the frog said, "But remember your promise. I want to be your friend, to eat from your plate and to sleep in your house."
"Yes, yes!" cried the princess as she ran away with the ball.
The princess had got the ball back. She never wanted to make friends with that ugly frog. She thought, 'He is an ugly frog. He lives in a loathsome dwelling in the lake. Why should I treat him as my friend?'

The next day, when the princess got up, she saw the frog who was waiting for her. "Be off with you! I don't want to see you," said the princess to the frog. "I have come," said the frog, "so that you may keep your promise. Now I am going to stay with you."

The king, who had heard all their discussion, said to his daughter, "My dear daughter! promises are made to be kept." Thus the frog stayed in the palace. He sat at the table next to the little princess and ate from the same plate. The princess could not swallow a morsel. Then, the frog said to her,"I have had enough now; take me to your room to sleep; I am so tired." The princess got angry with the frog. She picked him up as high as she could and dashed him violently to the ground.

When the frog fell to the floor, he turned into a handsome young prince. The surprised princess asked him who he was. He told the princess that he was the prince of a distant country. He was under a curse. That curse turned him into a frog. When he hit the ground, the curse was removed. With the permission of the king, the prince married the princess. Both lived happily together ever after.

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