The Fox and the Goat

One day, A fox accidentally fell into a well and was unable to find any means of escape. After sometime, a goat came to quench his thirst at the well. When the goat saw the fox inside the well, instead if helping him, the goat inquired whether the water was cool or not.

The fox was disappointed, but nevertheless replied,"The water is cool and sweet. Why don't you come down and taste it yourself?". Now, the foolish goat was only mindful of his thirst, and without thinking, jumped into the well.

When the goat had quenched his thirst, the fox told him that they were trapped inside the well. The goat panicked, but the fox very cleverly suggested, "If you will put your forefeet by the wall and bend your head, I would get out by climbing over your back, and then help you out too."

The goat agreed., but once the fox was out of the well, he started running away. When the goat realized what had happened, he cried out for help. But the fox kept running, and said,"You stupid goat! If you had any brains in your head, you would not have jumped into the well without looking for a way out. Now stay inside the well until someone comes to help you out."

Moral of this story is : Look before you leap

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