The Fox and the Eagle (Animal story with moral)

Long time ago, a fox and an eagle were good friends. One day, the eagle suggested that they should live in the same neighbourhood.

The fox agreed, and shifted her house beneath the tree, on which the eagle had her nest. Time passed by, and the fox gave birth to her young ones. One fine day, the eagle was unable to find the food for her infants. When she again took flight to find the food, her eyes fell upon the fox's cubs, who were playing in the woods.

Without thinking twice, the eagle flew down, seized a cub, and fed her infants. When the fox returned, she realized what had happened in her absence, but she was unable to avenge her loss.

However, the fate took a revenge on the eagle. One day, as the eagle soared in the sky, she saw some villagers sacrificing a goat on an altar. She quickly flew down, seized a piece of flesh in her mouth, and flew towards her nest. But little did she know that a burning cinder had also come along with the meat. As the eagle came down to her nest, a strong breeze sparked the cinder into flames. The hopeless eaglets were roasted in the fire and fell down on the ground.

The fox, without hesitation, picked up the dead eaglets and gobbled them up as the eagle looked on.

Moral of this story is : Harm hatch, harm catch

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