The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse( moral story for kids)

A country mouse and a town mouse were friends.

The country mouse lived in a field. He invited the town mouse for a dinner. They both sat in the fields. They ate corn, nuts and fruits. After the dinner, the town mouse said,"What a poor meals you have! Your food is tasteless. Come with me to town and see what I have. My food is tasty and good". So, both the friends set out to town.

The town mouse lived in a house. They both sat in the kitchen. The town mouse gave cakes, biscuits and bread. As they were about to eat they heard a cat mieu. They ran to the hole. They came back after some time. Half way through again the cat mieued. They ran again. Like this, they had to run for life many times before they could have a meal

The country mouse said," What a miserble life you lead! Atleast in fields, I live peacefully".

Moral of this story is : Riches is not Happiness always.

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