The Ant and the Grasshopper

It was summer. It was bright and sunny. Food was plentiful everywhere. A grasshopper was singing and dancing gayfully. He had everything to eat.

An ant was working very hard carrying food into her hole. The grasshopper cried in mockery "Oh! what a pity? you work hard on a sunny day. You lose all play, poor thing". The ant repled "It's okay my friend. We are storing for the cold winter. You too can save!" But the grasshopper did not take heed of it.

Soon came winter. It was cold evrywhere. There was no food. the grasshopper began to starve. He went to the the ant and asked for some food. The ant replied,"You lazy fool! The whole summer you danced and sang, not thinking about future. Go and dance now. I can't help you.

Moral of this story is : Today's savings will help you tomorrow.

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