The Magic Cloak

There was once a poor, young Norwegian boy named Aldar and the only two things he owned in the world were an old lame horse and a cloak with seventy patches and ninety holes.

One day in December, when there was snow on the ground and the air was very cold, Aldar was riding sadly along on his half-frozen horse. In the distance, he spotted a well dressed gentleman with a fox fur, on a splendid horse. Aldar sat up straight in  the saddle, opened his cloak and began to sing. When the stranger rode up, he was amazed and asked, 'Don't you feel the cold!'

'Not at all,' replied Aldar. 'The wind blows in one hole of my cloak and out from another, so I stay warm. I am more concerned for you. I can only imagine how cold you must feel wearing the fox fur!'

'You know, you're absolutely right!' the stranger observed. 'Couldn't you sell me your cloak?' 'No, I am sorry. I can't sell, fo then I would have nothing to cover me.'  'I will give you my fox fur in return,' the other insisted. It's not worth while,' said Aldar, 'unless, of course we decide to exchange horses as well...' It's a deal !' said the gentleman. Aldar quickly slipped on the fox fur and galloped away before the stranger discovered what a bad exchange he had made.

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