The Judgement of King Bhoj(Honesty always Pays)

There was a king names Bhoj. He was very famous for his honsety and justice. Whoever came to his court for justice, went satisfied. His subjects loved him very much. One day King Bhoj was going somewhere. He was riding on an elephant. His soldiers and guards were following him. Whichever side he went, people came out to salute him. The king was very happy.

All of a sudden, a stone came whizzing and fell in the lap of the king. The king got very angry. The soldiers came around the king and took him to a nearby safe placee. The king ordered his soldiers to go and find the culprit. The soldiers scattered in every direction to get the culprit. After sometime the soldiers brought a little boy. One of the soldiers said,"My Lord, this is the boy who threw stone at you. He mst be punished." The king asked the boy,"What is your name? Why did you throw stone at me?"

The boy said, "My name is Raju. I did not intend to  hit you. In fact, I was  trying to pluck sweet mangoes from a tree. The tree was too high for me to climb. The sweet ripe mangoes were beyond my reach. I actually threw the stone to get these mangoes. My friends too were busy throwing the stones. They ran away to their houses seeing these soldiers. I have been caught because I did not run away. Sir you caan punish me."

King Bhoj was deeply impressed by the child's honesty and straightforwardness. The soldiers and Raju were waiting for the punishment to be announced by the king.

But everyone was taken by surprise to see the king smiling. he took out his pearl necklace and gave it to Raju,

His minister standing near him was equally surprised. He said, "My Lord! I fail to understand your judgement. The stone thrown by this boy came and hit you, and you, instead of punishing him, are rewarding him with a pearl necklace. There must certainly be some logicc in it but it is beyond my level of wisdom."

The king said, "It's not unusual that you are surprised; but I shall explain to you. See, this boy did nto aim the stone at me. He aimed it at the sweet and ripe mangoes. And if a tree, hit by a stone, can give such delicious fruits to this boy, why cannot I give a pearl necklace to him being a king? Am I worse than a tree?"

Everyone praised King Bhoj for his deep sense of justice and perfct judgement.

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