The cow and the Princess ( moral story for kids)

The king's wife had died. Since he had a beautiful daughter to look after, the king married again, this time to a queen from a nearby land who had three ugly daughters. Now the new queen was very jealous of the king's daughter and she made the princess work as farmhand and take her cow, Brindle, out to pasture herself.

The princess did as she was told, but each day, as soon as she was far, enough, away, she climbed up into one of the cow's ears. When she out of the other one, she was well fed and clothed. When it was time to go back to the palace barns, the princess climbed into one of Brindle's ears again and when she emerged from the other one, she was dressed in rags.

As time went by, the step mother began to suspect something and she sent her oldest daughter out to pasture with the princess. But the princess sang her lullaby and she fell asleep, so she did not see anything. The same thing happened to the second daughter. When it was turn of the last, she kept her eyes open and saw everything. But she kept the knowledge to herself and the next day and she went into the cow's ear but she took the wrong turning inside and when she came out, she had changed from a girl into a calf, and she is now an old cow.

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