Stories for Children

Moral Stories

Chidren love to read and listen stories. Story is a great way of teaching new and important things to children. Parents can teach moral values to their children in the form of stories. Here is the list of our finest collection of moral stories for your children. Each and every story teaches one or the other moral value.

We Reap What We Sow
People are judged by the company they keep
Don't count your chickens before they are hatched
Give Love & Respect To Parents
Work is Worship
Hard Work is the Key to Success
Think Before You Speak
Laziness Ruins and Honesty Always Pays
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Animal Stories

Animals can teach us to be better human beings They possess so many qualities. Some animals are faithful, some are hard working, Some are witty, some are loving and some are clever and intelligent. It's a great fun for the parents to tell animal stories to the children as they enjoy them alot. By telling the animal stories to children, parents can inculcate many good qualities in them. Here is our exclusive collection of animal stories for children.

The ant and the Grasshopper
The country Mouse and the Town Mouse
The Donkey and the Dog
The Farmer and the Magic Goose
The Fox and the Cat
The Fox and the Crow
The Fox and the Eagle
The Fox and the Goat
The Fox and the Leopard
The Greedy Dog and the Bone
The Hare and the Tortoise
The King and the Parrots
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Panchatantra Stories

Children's mind is like wet clay. It is the responsibility of parents to mold it in a way that their children gain wisdom and possess all the qualities that are needed for good character. Panchatantra is a treasure of stories which can really help parents mold the young mind of children in right direction.

The King and his Foolish Attendent
The Prince and the Bear
Unity is Strength
Friendship of the Lion and the Bullock
Silence is God
The Eagle and the Foolish Crow
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
The Snake and the Army of Ants
More Panchatantra Stories....

Short Stories

Sometimes children ask from their parents to tell them a bedtime story. Bedtime story should be short and it should have some moral. Here is our collection of short stories for children.

The mad king and his Faithful wife
The Twelve daughters of the Sea-King
The cow and the Princess
The Tsar's Riddle
Tom Thumb
The Lesson for the King
The magic Cloak
The Judgement of King Bhoj
Rohit and his Magic Pen
Witty Raju and his three Boons
More Short Stories for Children....

Akbar & Birbal Stories

Birbal was one of the nine gems of Akbar's court. He was very wiity, intelligent, clever and had a very good sense of humour. He used to solve many big problems in Akbar's court and everbody in the court, was impressed by his wit. Here is finest collection of Birbal stories for children

Wise Men Think Alike
A Drop of Perfume
Akbar and the Poor Hawker
The story of Birbal
More Birbal Stories....

Mulla Nasruddin Stories

Humour plays a very important role in our life. It brings smile on our face and as you know smile is the most effective medicine. Everybody should have a smile on his/her face. Mulla Nasruddin was a very hilarious and humourous character. His stories really tickle your funny bone and bring smile on everybody's face. When your child is upset and not in good mood, just tell him a story of Mulla Nasruddin, He will giigle, and it will certainly change his mood.

Mulla Nasruddin Stories
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