Rohit and his magic pen (short Bedtime story for kids)

Rohit was very weak in studies. His teacher always scolded him for his bad progress in the class. Rohit was rebuked by his parents also for his bad result.  Other students of the class did not like to talk to Rohit on account of his bad marks.

Rohit decided that he would study day and night and would get better marks in the class. One day Rohit studied for the whole day as the half yearly examination was about to begin. He was sitting on his chair and had a book in his hand. He felt sleepy and put his head on the table. He slept.

After sometime he woke up and saw that a new golden pen was lying on his table. He took his pen and started doing his homework. Rohit was surprised to see that it was a magic pen. It was writing the answers automatically.

Rohit was very happy. He did all his homework with that pen. The teacher praised him for his perfect performance. Rohit became lazy and did not study at all. His examination started. He went to examination hall and wrote all the answers with magic pen. He wrote all the answers correctly. When the teacher checked the notebooks, she was surprised that Rohit had done the best in the class. She could not believe that Rohit could do so well in the exam.

But Rohit was not satisfied with his performance. He knew whatever he was getting, was only due to the magic pen. He did not deserve to top the class. He felt guilty. His conscience pricked-"You are a fool. You have not learnt anything in your real life. You will prove yourself to be a great fool. With the help of this pen, you may fetch good marks but not the real knowledge."

Rohit realised his folly. He was disillusioned with his success. He decided to throw the pen. He searched for it but he could not find it.

Suddenly Rohit tumbled down from his chair. His eyes opened and he woke up. He realised that he was seeing a dream. But he had also realised the fact that he had to work hard to get the highest marks.

He really worked hard and secured first position in his class.

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