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Chidren love to read and listen stories. Story is a great way of teaching new and important things to children. Parents can teach moral values to their children in the form of stories. Here is the list of our finest collection of stories. Each and every story teaches one or the other moral value

Short Stories with Moral Values

Catch me If you Can Faithful Mangoose story
Keyboard's PrideSecret of Success
Sher Singh's Court The ant and the Grasshopper
The country Mouse and the Town Mouse The Donkey and the Dog
The Farmer and the Magic Goose The Fox and the Cat
The Fox and the Crow The Fox and the Eagle
The Fox and the Goat The Fox and the Leopard
The Fox and the StorkThe Fox without a tail
The Frog PrinceThe Greedy Dog and the Bone
The Hare and the TortoiseThe King and the Parrots
The Little Mermaid The Monkey's Justice
The Mouse and the Bull The Sly Fox
The Smart VendorThe Sour Grapes
The Thirsty Crow The Valiant Little Tailor
Three Fishes People are judged by the company they keep
How poor we are The Magic of Love
The Power of Environment We Reap What We Sow
Don't count your chickens before they are hatched Give Love & Respect To Parents
Work is Worship Always Keep Your Eyes Open
Hard Work is the Key to Success Think Before You Speak
Laziness Ruins and Honesty Always Pays Change Yourself
Mother Angel Always Do Good Deeds
The Pencil Story A Milkman
Honesty is the best policy The Boy and the Apple Tree
A clever Monkey A Story on Encouragement
Practice what you preach God is Always There
Good Habits The reward of Honesty
A clever Boy Think Before you Do Something
Wise Men Think Alike A Drop of Perfume
Akbar and the Poor Hawker A Stray Cat
A Flock of Birds Gold Giving Serpent
The Faithful Dog The Butterfly Inside
The Snake and the Frog Pen and Inkwell
The mad king and his Faithful wife The Twelve daughters of the Sea-King
The cow and the Princess The Tsar's Riddle
Tom Thumb The Lesson for the King
The magic Cloak Enmity is Dangerous
The Kind Elephant The Foolish Rabbit
The cunning jackal A Lesson to the Elephant
The story of Birbal Nature gives different things to different creatures
Something is Better than Nothing Enmity is Dangerous
The Judgement of King Bhoj How to Control Anger
Rohit and his Magic Pen Hard Work is loved by all
Foolish Monkey A Bird in Hand is Worth Two in Bush
A Naughty Monkey Witty Raju and his three Boons
Practical Knowledge Granpa's lesson
Be Considerate to Ohers Make Compromises in Life