Moral Stories for Children, Stories with Moral Lesson

Moral values are the base of child's character. Every parent wants that his child should learn moral values in his life so that he can become a better individual in future. Children love to listen stories. We can easily teach these values and qualities to them by telling them the stories which give some moral lesson. Here is our collection of moral stories for children.

We Reap What We Sow
Enmity is Dangerous
People are judged by the company they keep
Don't count your chickens before they are hatched
Give Love & Respect To Parents
Be Considerate to Ohers
Make Compromises in Life
Work is Worship
Hard Work is the Key to Success
Think Before You Speak
Laziness Ruins and Honesty Always Pays
Practical Knowledge
A Bird in Hand is Worth Two in Bush
Hard Work is loved by all
How to Control Anger
Something is Better than Nothing
Think Before you Do Something
Practice what you preach
God is Always There
Good Habits
The reward of Honesty
A Story on Encouragement
Laziness Ruins and Honesty Always Pays
Change Yourself
Always Keep Your Eyes Open
Honesty is the best policy
Always Do Good Deeds
Nature gives different things
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