Laziness Ruins and Honesty always Pays

Raghu had a donkey called Sukhi. Raghu was a very kind master. The donkey was lazy and was always finding ways to avoid work. Once while returning with loads of salt on his back, Sukhi fell in the river. He realized that the fall has lessened the weights of the sacks as the salt had dissolved in the water.

The next few days Sukhi purposely fell into the water every day. Raghu was unhappy at the way Sukhi was behaving because he was losing money in the process. He decided to teach Sukhi a lesson.

The next day instead of salt bags he loaded Sukhi with bags of cotton. Sukhi, the donkey was unaware of the change. As planned, he fell into the water and got the bags wet. He was surprised to find the load unbearable. His master also started beating him. Sukhi learnt his lesson and started behaving.

The moral of this story is that Laziness ruins, so everybody should work with honesty and sincerity.

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