The Story of Birbal (A story on Cleverness)

One day, a rich merchant came to Birbal, the wise. He said to Birbal, "I have seven servants in my house. One of them has stolen my bag of precious pearls. Please find out the thief."

So Birbal went to the rich man's house. He called all the four servants in a room. He gave a stick to each one of them and said, "These are magic sticks. Just now all these sticks are equal in length. Keep them with you and return them to me tomorrow. If there is a thief in the house. His stick will grow an inch longer by tomorrow."

The servant who had stolen the bag of pearls was frightened. He thought, "If I cut a piece of one inch from my stick. I won't be caught." So he cut the stick and made it short by an inch. The next day Birbal collected the sticks from the servants. He found that one servant's stick was short by an inch. Birbal pointed his finger at him and said, "Here is the thief." The servant confessed his crime. He returned the bag of pearls. He was sent to jail.

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