Akbar and the Poor Hawker(short moral story for kids)

One fine morning, When Akbar was standing in the balcony of his palace, a hawker passed by. Akbar saw him. The hawker bowed to the Emperor and proceeded. Akbar took his bath. He was about to leave for the court, when he heard that his Begum's brother had met with an accident. So, instead of going to the court, Akbar went to see his brother-in-law. When he was returning to his palace, he slipped on the stairs and sprained his leg. Akbar got his leg bandaged and went to the court. But Birbal had not not come to the court. So, not much work could be done that day.

Feeling tired and bored, Akbar returned to his palace. He wanted to rest for some time. He was about to take a nap, when his Begum called him for lunch. Akbar was not hungry, still he sat for lunch. He was about to take a morsel, when a fly fell in his dish. Akbar got up without eating anything. Now he had had enough. He squabbled with his Begum. The Begum was also angry with him.

Soon, It was evening. Akbar went to the terrace and sat there. He wondered,"It was a bad day today. This has never happened to me before. Why did all these things happen today?" As Akbar sat thinking about it, he remembered the hawker. He thought,"Now I know why I was in so much trouble today. Early in the morning, I saw the face of that inauspicious hawker."

The following morning, when Akbar reached the court, he called for the hawker. He told his courtiers about the trouble he had had, only because he had seen the hawker's face early in the morning. Akbar ordered the hawker to be sent to gallows. Hawker pleaded,"Please allow me to meet Birbal." Akbar gave his consent. The poor hawker met Birbal. Birbal heard him and asked him to follow his advice.

The hawker was taken to gallows. When the executioner asked him what his last wish was, the hawker said,"That morning, the Emperor saw my face and he had to face trouble thoughout the day. But that same morning, I, too, saw his Majesty's face, and I am being sent to the gallows. Friend, Please do me a favour. Go to the court now and tell the Emperor, the courtiers and all the people of this city, that they should not see the Emperor's face early in the morning. The one who sees the Emperor's face first in the morning will be sent to the gallows."

The executioner was puzzled on hearing the hawker. He could not send any person to the gallows without fufilling his last wish. So he went to the court. He gave the hawker's message to the Emperor. Akbar immediately sent for the hawker.  The hawker was brought back to the court. Akbar said to him, "I know that only Birbal can give you this idea to open my eyes. Unintentionally, I would have done injustice to you. I revoke my order. You are a free man now."

Akbar gave the hawker five hundred gold coins as a reward. The hawker went home happily. Akbar thanked Birbal for pointing out his mistake and helping him save an innocent life.

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