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Spanish Baby names for your new born baby. In this section we have unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest Spanish baby Boy names which begin with letter P for new born baby Boy. You can read new born baby names of Spanish origin starting from P with meanings for free.

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Spanish Baby Boy Names Meaning
Pablo Similar to Paul
Pacho free
Paco Free
Pacorro Free
Palban Blond
Palben Blond
Pancho a familiar form of Francisco
Paquito a familiar form of Paco
Parisio Similar to Paris
Pascual Similar to Pascal
Pasqual Passover
Patricio Similar to the name Patrick
Patrido Noble
Paulino Similar to Paul
Paulo From the Greek name Paulos,
Paz Peace
Pedro Similar to the name Peter
Pepe a familiar form of Jose
Pepillo He shall add
Perico Similar to Peter
Peyo Similar to Peter
Phelipe Similar to Philip
Pigmalion sculptor
Pirro Flaming hair
Piti Similar to Peter
Pitin Similar to Felix
Platon Broad shouldered
Ponce fifth
Porfirio Purple stone
Porfiro Purple stone
Primeiro Born first
Prospero Fortunate or lucky
Prudenciano humble and honest
Pueblo from the city

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Choosing the Spanish name for your baby Boy is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little prince deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Spanish baby name for your baby Boy, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Spanish Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Spanish names, Spanish biblical Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.