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          Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with S

                         Girl Names A-Z List with Meanings

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                        Boy Names A-Z List with Meanings

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     Sikh / Punjabi Girl Names

 In this list we have beautiful, latest, modern and unique Punjabi/Sikh baby Girl names starting with S. Most of the Sikh Names for girls, beginning with S are derived from "Gurubani" Or "Gurumukhi" and have spiritual meanings.

Sikh Baby Girl Names Meaning of the name
Saach TRUE
Saaheb, Saheb, Sahib, Sahab Lord master
Saaj To Form
Saar Essence, Iron, God's favor, fortunate,
Saarpreet, Sarpreet, Sarprit Essence of love, Favor or fortune of God's love
Sabad Hymn
Sabak Lesson
Sabal Strong
Sabar Patience
Sabat Firm, faithful
Sabooree Contentment
Sach, Sacha Truth, true
Sachkeerat Singing The Praises Of God
Sachleen The One Absorbed In Truth, In God
Sachman True At Heart
Sachpreet The True Love, The Love Of God
Sada Everlasting
Sadan Call out
Sadanaam Everlasting name
Sadasatsimran Everlasting true name
Sadeep Eternity
Sadeepak, Sadipak Eternal (lamp, flame)
Sadhak Disciple, practitioner
Sadhika Tolerance
Sadhnah Practice
Sadhu Virtuous
Sadka, Sadke, Sadqah Self sacrifice, selfless service
Sadqah Self sacrifice, selfless service
Saf, Safa Pure, clean
Sagan Alms, omen
Sagar, Sagarr Dew, (ocean, sea)
Sah Breath
Sahej Gentle
Sahjara (e) Dawn, daybreak
Sai Endeavor, pledge
Saidi, Sadie Emerald
Saihaj Peaceful And Equipoised Person
Saihajleen Absorbed In Peace And Bliss
Sain, Saiyan Lord
Saj Beauty
Sajiv Living
Sajj Morning sun
Sajjan Friend
Sajjra New, fresh
Sakarath Purposeful
Sakat Power
Sakh Trust
Sakhi Companion
Sala, Shala God the doer and causer
Salah Counsel
Salamat (i) Safety, tranquillity,
Salona Comely, beautiful
Samaae Reside, Pervad
Samai Forbearance
Samarjit One Who Wins The War
Samoe Reside, Pervade
Sampuran Complete, perfection
Samran Remembering (God)
Samuddar, Samundar Ocean
Sanantan Eternal Infinite, without beginning or end
Sanch (a) Truth, righteous
Sandeep A lamp
Saneh Friendship
Sanghi Companion, pilgrim
Sangita Musical
Saniasi, Sanyasi Aesthetic
Sanj (o) Armor
Sanjam Forbearance
Sanjeet Victor
Sanjit Happy Victory
Sanjog Desitiny
Sant, Santa, Santaa Saint, holy person, (tranquility)
Santbir Heroic holy one
Santkirin Ray of holy light
Santokh Content, Peaceful, And Patient
Sapahi Soldier
Sapandeep Perfectly illuminating lamp
Sar Pool, tank, reservoir a mystery
Sara All, whole, entire, complete
Sarab All, All Pervading
Sarabjeet Winning All
Sarabjeet (jit) Completely victorious
Sarabjit Winning All
Sarabjot All-Pervading Light
Sarableen One Who Pervades In All
Sarabnam The Always Present Name Of God
Sarabsarang Completely colorful and musical
Saram Modest
Saran Protection, sanctuary, refuge
Sarang Colorful and musical
Sarbat Everywhere
Sarbloh Entirely iron
Sarda Goddess of music
Sardar Chief headman
Sardha, Sardhalu Faith, grace
Sarest, Saresht Superior
Sarfraji Exalted
Sarkar King's court
Sarminder God Of War
Sarna, Sarnaa Guru'S Sanctuary, Protected
Saroj Lotus Flower
Saroop Beautiful, Shapely
Saroor Joy
Sarpreet Reservoir of love, mysterious secrets of love
Sartaj Crown, leader
Sarwan, Sarvan Worthy, affectionate, generous
Sat Truth
Satamrit True immortalizing nectar
Satinder The King Of Truth
Satinderpal Protection of the true God of heaven
Satjit True victory
Satjot Light of truth
Satkeerat One Who Praises The True One
Satkiran A Ray Of Truth
Satkirtan Singing truth
Satleen The One Absorbed In Truth, In God
Satmandir Temple of truth
Satminder Temple of the true God of heaven
Satnam True name, identity (of God)
Satpreet The Lover Of The Truth
Satraj Dominion of truth
Satsantokh True content
Satsarang Truly colorful and musical
Satsimran Contemplation of truth
Satsukh The One In True Bliss
Satvinder True God
Satvir Champion of truth
Satwant Truthfulness
Satwinder True God of heaven
Seanna Wise
Seema Boundary
Seetal Peaceful, Calm, Content
Sehajleen Easily absorbed (in God)
Sehejbir Effortlessly heroic
Serena Supreme Name
Seva Selfless service
Shabad The Holy Word
Shabadpreet The One Who Loves The Holy Word
Shakti Power, strength
Shaktiparwah Power of supreme wonder,
Shamsher Bravery of a Tiger
Shanti Peace
Sharan Taking The Shelter Of The Guru
Sharanjeet One Who Attains The Guru'S Shelter
Sharanjit Refuge of the victor
Sher Tiger, Lion
Shukar, Shukarian (ana) Gratitude, (prayers)
Siaana Wise
Siam Lord
Sian Knowledge
Siana Wise
Sidak Sincere
Sidd Resolute
Sidh Attainment
Sifat God'S Praise
Sijal Correct
Sijh Sun
Sikh Disciple
Sikhal Pinnacle
Simar One Who Is Absorbed In God
Simardeep Lamp Of Remembrance Of God
Simarleen Absorbed In Remembrance Of God
Simarou To Meditate
Simleen Absorbed in remembering (God)
Simran Meditation, Rememberance
Simranjeet (jit) Victorious in contemplation
Simranjit Meditative In God, Remembrance
Simranpreet Lovingly Remembering God
Simrarjit Meditative In God, Remembrance
Simrat Meditate, Remember
Simrin Meditative In God, Remembrance
Simrit Meditate, Meditation
Simrita Meditate, Meditation
Sinap Wisdom
Sinda Gratitude
Singh, Sihan, Sinh Lion
Sio Sow, Inspire
Siopareet Inspires Love
Sir, Siri, Sri Head, supreme
SiriOm The Great Sound Of Infinity
Siripritam Supreme longing of beloved
Siriraam Supreme omniscient God
Sirisatsimran Supreme contemplation of truth
Siriseva Supreme selfless service
Sirisimran Contemplation of the Supreme
Sirivedya Supreme understanding
Snatam Universal
Sobha Glorious, Virtuous
Soch Thought
Sochai By Thinking
Sodhi Khalsa warrior clan
Sohana Excellent, beautiful
Sohani Sweetheart
Sojala, Sojalaa Dawn
Sojara, Sojaraa Daybreak
Solan, Solani Adornment
Soli Favorable
Som Moon
Sona, Soina Gold
Sonam Gifted, Fortunate One
Sonhan Beautiful, handsome
Soni, Sonia Warrior
Srina Supreme Name
Stallionjit The Wild Horse Who Is Always Victorious
Such, Sooch Pure
Sucham Pure goodness
Suchdev Pure deity
Suchiaar, Suchiaara, Suchiaari Excellent and true
Sudhman, Suddhman Pure of heart, mind, and soul
Sughar, Sugharr Elegant, virtuous
Suhejdeep Lamp or region of elegance or ease
Sujan Wise, Of Exalted Knowledge
Sukh Peaceful pleasure
Sukha Pleasurable
Sukhbinder Peaceful God of heaven
Sukhbir Champion of peace
Sukhdeep (dip) Lamp of Peace, Region or Island of Peace
Sukhdev Deity of peace
Sukhi At Peace
Sukhinder God Of Happiness
Sukhindir God Of Peace
Sukhjeet Remaining In Peace
Sukhjeev A Peaceful Person
Sukhjit One Who Wins Happiness
Sukhjodh Warrior Of Peace
Sukhjot Light Of Peace
Sukhleen Absorbed In Joy Of God'S Love
Sukhman Peaceful heart (mind, soul)
Sukhmandir, Sukhminder Temple of peace
Sukhmani Brings Peace To The Mind
Sukhmeet The Peace-Giving Friend
Sukhpal Protector of Peace
Sukhpreet Lover of peace
Sukhrajpreet Kigh Of Peace And Love
Sukhroop Embodiment Of Peace
SukhSimran Peaceful contemplation (of God)
Sukhvinder God Who Gives Happiness
Sukhvinder, Sukhwinder Peaceful God of heaven
Sukhvir Champion of Peace
Sukhwinder God Who Gives Happiness
Sulachhna, Sulakhna Fortunate
Sulagg Blameless, pure as gold
Sulha, Sulhara Kind
Sumanjeet (jit) All victorious
Sumat One With Wise Intellect
Summat, Sumit Benevolent
Sunaina One who hears or listens
Sundar Beauteous
Sundar, Sundari, Sundri Beautiful
Sundarjeet One Who Attains To Beauteousness
Suneet Absorbed in hearing
Sur Devotee or God
Sur, Soor, Soora, Sooriya Hero
Sur/Soor Sun, Godly
Suria/sooria Blessed
Surina Supreme Name
Surinder Devotee of God in heaven
Surinderjeet Triumph Of God
Surinderjit One Who Is Victorious Over Gods
Surjeet (jit) Victorious devotee
Surjot Godly Light
Surma, Soorman Hero
Surta Consciousness
Swaran, Swarn Gold

End of Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with S

Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with T

Choosing a name for your baby girl is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby to be moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for her. Sikhs have great belief in Guru Granth Sahib or Aadi Granth, and most of the Sikh names are also based on the words taken from Gurubani or Gurumukhi.  In sikh families "Singh" is joined in the end of  boy's first name which means "Lion" and Kaur is joined in the end of baby girl's first name which means princess.We have compiled a List of unique and modern Sikh Names for girls along with their Meaning  to help Sikh/Punjabi  Parents because your little princess deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute name for your baby girl, here is the list. These Names are sweet as well as spiritual.  For your convenience, baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. As this compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources, we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.