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     Sikh / Punjabi Girl Names

 In this list we have beautiful, latest, modern and unique Punjabi/Sikh baby Girl names starting with H. Most of the Sikh Names for girls, beginning with H are derived from "Gurubani" Or "Gurumukhi" and have spiritual meanings.

Sikh Baby Girl Names Meaning of the name
Haak Honest,Pervading, Orderly
Haast Elephant
Hamara Our
Hamir Wise
Hamray Belonging To Us
Hansa Life, Jivan, Soul, Gurmukh
Har God
Haramrit God's immortalizing nectar
Haranoop The Perfect God
Harbakhs, Harbax God's gift
Harbans Of Gods' family
Harbax God's gift
Harbeer Warrior Of God
Harbhajan God's hymns
Harbin Courageous Like God
Harbinder Absorbed In God
Harcharan God's feet
Hardas (daas) God's slave
Hardayal God's mercy
Hardeep, Hardip Lamp of the Lord, illuminated by the Almighty, Region of God
Hardial One On Whom There Is God'S Gracem
Harendra Lord Shiva
Hargobind A part of God
Hargun One Having Godly Merits
Hargurmeet (mit) God and Guru's friend
Hari A name for God
Haridatta God's gift
Harigun Virtuous God
Harikiran Ray of God's light
Harikirtan Hymns of God
Harimandir, Harmander, Harmandir Temple of God
Harinarayn Imperishable God
Harinder Lord Shiva
Haripreet Beloved Of God
Harisaroop With An Appearance Like God
Harjap Meditating on God (by recitation)
Harjas God's glory
Harjeet God'S Triumph, Victor
Harjeet (jit) Victorious God
Harjeevan One Who Lives A God-Oriented Life
Harjinder Life Which Has Been Granted By God
Harjit Victorious Through God'S Grace
Harjodh Courageous Like God
Harjot God'S Light
Harkamal Lotus like God
Harkeerat One Who Sings God'S Praises
Harkiran Ray of Gods' light
Harkirat Praise Of God
Harlakhsmi, Harlaxmi Deities of fortune
Harlaxmi Deities of fortune
Harleen One Absorbed In The Lord'S Love
Harman God's Heart (mind
Harmandar House Of God
Harmeet God'S Devotee, Beloved Friend
Harmeet (mit) God's friend
Harmehar God'S Grace
Harminder God of heaven
Harmohan God's sweetheart
Harnarayn Imperishable God
Harneet Ba
Harnek God'S Noble Person
Harnidh God's treasure
Haroop Beautiful God
Harpal Protection of God
Harpinder God's home
Harpreet One Who Loves God
Harrai God's prince
Harroop Beautiful God
Harsevak, Harsewak God's servant
Harshaan Lustrous splendor of God
Harsharan God's refuge
Harsimran Remembering God
Harsimrat God's remebrance
Harsukh Peaceful Through Dwelling On God
Harta Preserver
Hartej Radiance Of God
Harveen Next to God
Harvinder God of Heaven
Harwinder God of Heaven
Hasan Laughing, Laughter
Heera An Exalted Person, Diamond-Like
Hema Gold
Herho God-Like
Himmat Courageous effort
Hirdai Heart
Hohu Become
Hoojoe Guard
Huk Honest,Pervading, Orderly
Hukam Command
Hukmee Commander, The One With Authority (God)
Hukmi Commander, The One With Authority (God)
Huzra   Prudence

End of Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with H

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Choosing a name for your baby girl is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby to be moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for her. Sikhs have great belief in Guru Granth Sahib or Aadi Granth, and most of the Sikh names are also based on the words taken from Gurubani or Gurumukhi.  In sikh families "Singh" is joined in the end of  boy's first name which means "Lion" and Kaur is joined in the end of baby girl's first name which means princess.We have compiled a List of unique and modern Sikh Names for girls along with their Meaning  to help Sikh/Punjabi  Parents because your little princess deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute name for your baby girl, here is the list. These Names are sweet as well as spiritual.  For your convenience, baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. As this compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources, we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.