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                Sikh  Baby Boy Names Starting with J

Most of the Sikh Baby Names beginning with J are derived from "Gurubani" Or "Gurumukhi". In most of the sikh families "Singh" is joined in the end of  boy's first name which means "Lion" and Kaur is joined in the end of baby girl's first name which means princess. Here is the selection of Sikh Baby Boy Names Starting with 'J'. All the boy names beginning with letter J have spiritual meanings. We have 34 Sikh Boy Baby names of Punjabi / Sikh origin in this baby name list which begins with J.

To choose the Sikh baby Boy name for your baby with other alphabets, Please choose an alphabet from the baby name list below.

                  Sikh  Baby Boy Names A-Z List with Meanings


     Sikh / Punjabi Boy Names

Sikh Baby names for your baby. In this section we have beautiful, meaningful and unique Punjabi boy baby name. You can read Sikh , Punjabi boy baby names with meanings for free.

Sikh Baby Names Meaning of the name Gender Origin
Jag The Creation, World Boy Sikh
Jagan World, Awake Boy Sikh
Jagdees Lord Of The World Or The Creation Boy Sikh
Jagdesh The Lord Provider Of The World Boy Sikh
Jagjeet Winner Of The World Boy Sikh
Jagjeevan Life Of The World Boy Sikh
Jagjit Winner Of The World Boy Sikh
Jagmohan One Who Captivates The World Boy Sikh
Jagtar One Who Ferries People Across The World-Ocean Boy Sikh
Jai Victory Boy Sikh
Jaideep Light Of Victory Boy Sikh
Jaipal Protector Of Victors Boy Sikh
Jairaj Victorius King Boy Sikh
Jal Water Boy Sikh
Jamail Glory With The Union Of God Boy Sikh
Janam Birth, Life Boy Sikh
Jap Chant, Meditate Boy Sikh
Japbir A Brave One Who Remembers God Boy Sikh
Japinder In Appreciation Of God Boy Sikh
Jarnail The Commanding Officer Boy Sikh
Jas Praises/Glories Boy Sikh
Jasbir A Brave One Who Sings God'S Praises Boy Sikh
Jasjeevan Na Boy Sikh
Jasnam One Singhing The Glories Of Naam Boy Sikh
Jaswant Victorious; Famous Boy Sikh
Jaswinder Lord'S Glory Of Praise Boy Sikh
Jay If, Even, Who Boy Sikh
Jaydeep One Who Gives Us Light Boy Sikh
Jee Life, Being, To Come Into Existence Boy Sikh
Jeet Victorious Boy Sikh
Jeevai Lives Boy Sikh
Jeevan Life Boy Sikh
Jivan Life Boy Sikh
                                        End of Sikh baby Boy Names Starting with 'J'

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