Sanskrit  Baby Girl Names Starting with T

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 In this list we have 73 beautiful, sweet and unique Sanskrit baby girl names starting with T, along with spiritual meaning

Sanskrit Baby Birl Names Meaning of the name
Tamanna Wish
Tamasi Night
Tamburu Musical Instrument
Tamsa Name of a river
Tanarupi Name of a Raga
Tanaya Daughter
Tanirika A flower
Tanmayi Absorbed
Tanu Thin
Tanushree, Tanushri Beautiful
Tanushri Beautiful
Tanvi A delicate girl
Tanya Of the family, Body
Tapasya meditation
Tapni Godavari river in India
Tapti Name of a river
Tara Star
Taraka Star
Tarangini River
Tarani Crown flower plant
Tarika Starlet
Tarini Goddess Parvati
Tarinira Having the quality of liberating, A Goddess
Tarishi A raft, boat, the ocean
Tarita The leader, Goddess Durga
Tarjani The first finger
Tarpini Satisfying, offering obligations
Taru Tree
Tarul Baby Girl Name
Tarulata Creeper
Tarulatha Creeper
Taruna Young girl
Taruni young girl
Tarunii Young woman
Tarunika Young girl
Tarunima Youth
Tarushi Victory
Tavishi Power, strength, courage, heavenly, earth
Teja Radiant
Tejal Radiant
Tejashree Glow
Tejaswani One who spreads illumination, Lord Shiva
Tejaswi Radiant
Tejaswini Radiant
Tejomaya full of effulgence
Tejowathi Another name for Goddess Durga
Thanayaa daughter
Thanuja Son
Tharini the one who crosses
Theertha Holy water, Pilgrimage centers
Thejorashi effulgence
Thejovathy Goddess Durga
Thitiksha Tolerance
Thrishna Thirst
Thushara ice/snow
Tilothama Name of the Apsara
Toya Water
Traimbika Goddess Durga
Triguna Goddess Durga
Trilochana Goddess Durga
Trinayana Goddess Durga
Trinetra Goddess Durga
Tripathagaa Ganga
Tripta satisfied
Tripthi satisfaction
Tripura Goddess Durga
Trisha Wish, desire
Trishala Trident
Triveni Confluence of three rivers, Ganga,Yamuna and Saraswathi
Tulasi Tulsi leaf
Tulya Comparable
Tungabhadra Name of a river
Tushhyathi to be pleased

End of Sanskrit Baby Girl Names starting with T

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Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages of the World. It was first introduced by Lord Brahma to the Sages of the celestial abodes and it is still the language of the celestial abode, so it is also called the Dev Vani. It is also one of the 22 official languages of India. It has always been regarded as the 'high' language and is continuously used as a ceremonial language in Hindu religious rituals. It is estimated to be spoken by around 50,000 people in India across some villages and few traditional families and institutions. Indian Hindu parents always prefer to choose the name of their child from Sanskrit Language. As all the epics in Hindu mythology are written in Sanskrit language, so Sanskrit names have spiritual meaning also. If you are also looking for a sweet, unique and spiritual meaning name for you baby boy or baby girl, you have come to the right place. We have a comprehensive list of Sanskrit names, which is ordered alphabetically. So you can click on any letter from A-Z to find Sanskrit baby boy and baby girl names starting from the same.