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 In this list we have 163 beautiful, sweet and unique Sanskrit baby boy names starting with D, along with spiritual meaning

Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Meaning of the name
Daakshya cleverness, honesty, brilliance
Daaruk charioteer of Krishna, tree
Daarun hard Male Hindu
Daasharathi Lord Rama
Dahana a rudra
Daitya A non Aryan
Daivik By the grace of God
Daiwik By the grace of God
Daksh a son of Brahma, capable
Daksha a lord of created beings
Dakshesh Lord Shiva
Dakshi The glorious
Dakshin south
Dakshinayan some Movement of the Sun
Dalpati commander of group
Daman Controller
Damodar Lord Vishnu
Damodara Tied with a rope around the belly, Krishna
Danavendra Lord Who gives boons
Dandak a forest
Dandapaani an epithet for Yama
Dandapani Lord Subramanyan
Danta Calm. Lord Hanuman
Danvir Charitable
Darpad Lord Shiva
Darpak Kamdev, god of love
Darpan Mirror
Darsh Lord Krishna
Darshak Spectator of events
Darshan Sight
Darshith shown
Daruka deodar tree
Dasarath Father of lord Rama
Dasharath one with 10 chariots, Lord Ram's father
Datta One who is given, Donor
Dattathreya An incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Son of Atri
Daya Mercy
Daya Shankar Merciful Lord shiva
Dayaal Kind hearted
Dayaamay Full of mercy, Kind
Dayamayee Full of mercy; Kind
Dayaananda One who takes joy in being merciful
Dayaanidhi Kind, one who gives
Dayakar Merciful
Dayamay Person with full of mercy
Dayanand One who is happy to be merciful
Dayanidhi Lord who is compassionate
Dayaram Merciful
Dayasagar Extremely kind
Dayaswaroop Mercyful
Debashish Blessing of God
Deenabandhu Friend of the poor
Deenanath Lord of the poor
Deendayal One who has mercy for poor
Deep Lamp
Deepak Lamp
Deepan Light
Deepankar One who lights the lamp
Deepankar; Dipankar One who lights lamps
Deepen Name of a poet
Deependra Lord of light
Dipendra Lord of lights
Deependu Moon
Deepesh Lord of light
Deepesh; Dipesh Lord of light
Deepit lighted
Deeptanshu shining light, sun
Deeptendu bright moon
 Diptendu Bright Moon
Deeptiman lustrous
Deeptimoy lustrous
Deeptimoy; Deeptimay Lustrous
Dehabhuj Another name for lord Shiva
Dev God
Deb Divinity; God
Deva Gods
Deva Gupth God guarded
Deva kanth God loved
Devaapi an ancient king
Devadatt Gift of the god
Devagya With knowledge of God
Devajith One who conquered Devas
Devajyoti Brightness of the lord
Devak Divine
DevakiNandan Son of Devaki(Krishna)
Devanand Divine Joy
Devang From God
Devank Godly
Devansh Part of God
DevaPad Divine feet
Devarishi Rishi among Gods
Devarshi Great sages having the position of God
Devashish Blessing of God
Devavrath Another name of Bhishma
Devdan The gift of the gods
Devdath God given
Deven Like a God
Devendra King of God's
Devesh Lord of GOD
Deveshwar Lord Shiva
Devguru Teacher of God's
Devi Breton
Devidas Servent of Godess
Devilal Son of Godess
Deviprasad Gift of God
Devkumar Son of God
Devpad Feet of God
Devraj King of God
Devvrat Bhishma
Dhadhichi Well Known Sage
Dhairya Courage
Dhana Wealth
Dhananad pleasure of having wealth
Dhananjay Arjun
Dhanapati lord of wealth
 Dhanpati Lord of wealth
Dhanaraj king of wealth ( Kuber )
Dhanesh Lord of wealth
Dhanpal King
Dhanraj King of Wealth
Dhansukh wealthy; happy
Dhanu The bow
Dhanus A bow in hand
Dhanush The zodiac sign Saggitarius
Dhanvant wealthy
Dhanvantari doctor of Gods
Dhanvin Lord Shiva
Dhanvine A Name for Lord Rama
Dhanya Giver Of Wealth. Lord Vishnu
Dharamnishth one who has faith in religion
Dharanidhar Sheshnaag
Dharesh king, Lord of land
Dharitree the earth
Dharma righteous, virtuous, pious
Dharmaketu One who upholds the right way, Son of Urmila& Lakshmanin Hindu epic 'Ramayan'
Dharmaraj Lord Yama
Dheeraj Patience
Dhirendra Lord of the brave
Dhrishnu Son of Manu
Dhritiman patient
Dhrupad Name of a Musical Thalam
Dhruv certainly
Dhuha forenoon
Dhyan Meditation
Dhyanesh meditative
Dhyaneshwar Lord of meditation
Digambar unencumbered
Digambar , Digambara Unencumbered, Sky-clad
Digamber nacked, Lord Shiva
Digant horizon
Digvastra Sky Clad
Digvijay who is victorious over everyone
Dikshan initiation
Dilawar brave
Dilber lover
Dileep king of the solar race
Dilip A king, ancestor of Rama
Dinabandhu Friend of the poor
Dinakar Sun
Dinakar , Dinkar The sun
Dinamani Sun
Dinanath protector
Dinar gold coin
Dindayal kind to the poor
Dinendra lord of the day, the sun
Dinesh God of the Day
Dinraj Sun
Divaakar, Divakar, Deevakar The sun
Divakar Sun
Divjot Divine light
Dron Teacher of Arjun in Hindu epic 'Mahabharat'
Drona The teacher Drona
Drupad The king Drupad
Dushyant Reputed king of lunar dynasty
Dwaipayan The sage Vyasa, Another name of Veda Vyasa, Island-born
 Dwaipayana The sage Vyasa; Another name of Veda Vyasa; Island-born
Dwarakapathi Lord Krishna
Dwarkanath Lord of Dwarka (Lord Krishna)
Dwijaraj king of brahmins; the moon
Dwijendra king of brahmins; the moon
Dwijesh Lord of brahmins
Dyumani Lord Shiva
Dyumna glorious

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Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages of the World. It was first introduced by Lord Brahma to the Sages of the celestial abodes and it is still the language of the celestial abode, so it is also called the Dev Vani. It is also one of the 22 official languages of India. It has always been regarded as the 'high' language and is continuously used as a ceremonial language in Hindu religious rituals. It is estimated to be spoken by around 50,000 people in India across some villages and few traditional families and institutions. Indian Hindu parents always prefer to choose the name of their child from Sanskrit Language. As all the epics in Hindu mythology are written in Sanskrit language, so Sanskrit names have spiritual meaning also. If you are also looking for a sweet, unique and spiritual meaning name for you baby boy or baby girl, you have come to the right place. We have a comprehensive list of Sanskrit names, which is ordered alphabetically. So you can click on any letter from A-Z to find Sanskrit baby boy and baby girl names starting from the same.