Panchatantra stories, Short stories, Moral stories for kids

Panchatantra is a kind of science which gives insight on the wise conduct of people in life. Very easy to guess, Panch means five and Tantra are the five important characteristics of a human being which help him to achieve success, happiness and glory in life. Panchatantra stories and tales are based on animals and birds and have a special moral theme. The five tantras are how to develop confidence, develop understanding of people, how to choose right friends, how to achieve intellignece and wisdom and how to face tough times and various challenges in one's life.

Panchatantra was originally written by Pt. Vishnu Sharma and thereafter these stories were reproduced in many languages around the world. These  are considered to be one of the best Indian classic stories.  Here, We have collected some of the finest stories of Panchatantra which will help in developing your child's personality and traits.

Panchatantra Stories with Moral Values

A Brahmin's Dream Look Before You Leap
The King and his Foolish AttendentThe Prince and the Bear
Unity is Strength Friendship of the Lion and the Bullock
Silence is God The Eagle and the Foolish Crow
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed The Snake and the Army of Ants
The Crow Family and the Monkey The Washerman's Donkey
Greed is Harmful Death is the Final Destiny
The Vulture Couple and the Sea The Businessman and the Baby Camel
Mother's Advice The Thief, the Pandit and the Giant
The Fish and the Frog The Trader and His Wife
The Mouse and the Elephant The Parrot and the Fox
Who will Bell the Cat The Bats
A Magic Bird A Rabbit's Satisfaction
Nature is Perfect A Poor Farmer
Two Dogs and a Wolf Witty lamb
A Fool and Three Thieves The Grocer and the vegetable-seller
A King and his Twenty Flowerpots A Brave Soldier
Evil Begets Evil The Two Pots
Ramu and Spectacles A Brave Soldier
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