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          Oriya  Baby Boy Names Starting with V

     Oriya Baby Names :    Oriya Baby Boy Names

 In this list we have Oriya baby boy names which begin with letter V. You can read  boy names of Oriya origin starting from V with meanings for free.

To choose the Oriya baby Boy name for your baby with other alphabets, Please choose an alphabet from the baby name list below.

             Oriya  Baby Boy Names A-Z List with Meanings


Oriya Baby Names Meaning of the name
Vagindra Lord of speech
Vagish God of speech ( Lord Brahma)
Vagish God of speech (Lord Brahma)
Vahin Lord Shiva
Vaibhav prosperity
Vaibhav richness
Vajrakaya Sturdy Like Metal, Lord Hanuman
Vajramani diamond
Vajramani diamond
Vajrapaani holder of rocks
Vajrin Lord Indra
Vanhi fire
Vanij Lord Shiva
Vaninadh Husband of Saraswati
Vaninath Husband of Goddess Saraswati
Vanmaalee an epithet of Krishna
Vanraaj ruler of the foreset, the Lion
Vansh lineage, line of descent
Vasavaj Son of Indra
Vashisht name of a guru
Vasistha name of a sage
Vasu an ancient king
Vasu wealth, Lord Vishnu
Vasudev god of the Universe, Krishna's father
Vasudev Lord Krishna's father, the God of wealth
Vayu Lord Hanuman
Vayujat Lord Hanuman
Vayun Lively
Vayunand Lord Hanuman
Vayya Friend
Ved knowledge
Ved sacred knowledge
Vedanga meaning of Vedas
Vedant Hindu philosophy, Ultimate wisdom
Vedanth Ultimate wisdom, conclusions of the Vedas
Vedaprakash light of knowledge
Vedatman Lord Vishnu
Vedatmane Spirit of the Vedas
Vedavrata vow of the Vedas
Vedavyaas name of a saint
Vedbhushan one adorned with knowledge of the Vedas
Vedesh Lord of Vedas
Vedmohan Lord Krishna
Vedprakash light of Vedic knowledge
Veer brave
Veerbhadra Shiva's warrior
Veerbhadra the Ashwamedha horse
Veerendra Lord of courageous men
Veerendra Lord of the brave
Veerottam Supreme amongst braves.
Velan Lord Shiva's son Murugan
Venavir Lord Shiva's son
Veni Krishna Krishna
Venimadhav Lord Krishna
Venkat Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna
Vidur skillful
Vidur wise, uncle of the Pandavas
Vidvan scholar
Vidvatam Lord Shiva
Vidyaaranya forest of learning
Vidyacharan learned
Vidyacharan learned
Vidyadhar demi
Vidyadhar learned
Vijendra victorious
Vijeta victorious
Vijigeesh desire of victory
Vijul a silk-cotton tree
Vijval Intelligent
Vikarnan Son of Dhritrashtra
Vikas development
Vikas development, expanding
Vikat Of the Monstrous Figure. Lord Ganesha

Vikern Errorless
Vikesh the moon
Vikram praiseworthy act, record, the sun of valor
Vikram valour
Vikramaditya a famous king
Vikramajit a famous king
Vikramendra king of prowess
Vikramendra king of prowess
Vikramin Lord Vishnu
Vikrant powerful
Vikrant powerful,
Viksar Lord Vishnu
Vikunth Lord Vishnu's abode
Vilaas entertainment
Vilas acts leading to happiness
Vilochan the eye
Vilohit Lord Shiva
Vilok to see
Vilokan gaze
Vimal pure
Vimal pure
Vimaladitya clean sun
Vimalmani pure jewel (crystal)
Vimridh Lord Indra
Vinaayak remover of obstacles
Vinahast Lord Shiva
Vinamar humble
Vinay good manners, modesty
Vinay modesty
Vinayak Ganesh, Buddha
Vineet modest
Vineet unassuming
Vinesh godly
Vinil Blue
Vinochan Lord Shiva
Vinod happy, full of joy
Vinod pleasing, hobby, happy
Vinoo to spread in different directions
Vipan sail, petty trade
Vipan sail, small trade
Vipaschit Lord Buddha
Vipin different, a forest grove
Vipin forest, woods
Vipinbehari forest wanderer
Viplav drifting about, revolution
Viplav revolution
Vipreet Different
Vipul extensive
Vipul plenty
Vir brave
Viraaj to shine
Viraat giant
Virabhadra Lord Shiva
Viraj resplendent, splendour
Viral rare
Viranath Lord of the brave
Viranchi name of Brahmaa
Virat Supreme being
Virat very big
Virat very big, giant proportioned
Virata bravery
Virbhanu Very strong
Virendra brave Lord
Viresh brave Lord
Vireshvar Lord Shiva
Virikvas Lord Indra
Virinchi Brahma
Virochan moon, fire
Virochan the sun
Virudh Opposite
Virurch the Holy trinity
Visamaksh Lord Shiva
Vishaal broad
Vishaalaaksh large eyed
Vishakh Lord Shiva
Vishal huge, broad, great
Vishalya painless
Vishantak Lord Shiva
Vishatan Lord Vishnu
Vishesh special
Vishikh arrow
Vishnahpu Lord Vishnu
Vishnay Flowers of Lord Vishnu/ Krishna
Vishnu Lord Vishnu, the preserver
Vishnu root, almighty
Vishnudutt gift of Lord Vishnu
Vishodhan Lord Vishnu
Vishram rest
Vishresh the Holy trinity
Vishv universe
Vishva earth, universe
Vishvadev Lord of the universe
Vishvadhar Lord Vishnu
Vishvag Lord Brahma
Vishvahetu Lord Vishnu
Vishvajit Conqueror of the world
Vishvakarma architect of the universe, son of Yogasiddha
Vishvaketu an epithet of Aniruddh
Vishvam universal
Vishvamitra A sage
Vishvanaath Lord of the universe
Vishvanabh Lord Vishnu
Vishvaretas Lord Brahma; Vishnu
Vishvatma universal soul
Vishvesh Lord of the world
Vishwa earth, universe
Vishwaamitra friend of the world
Vishwaas faith
Vishwajeet conquerer of the world
Vishwajit one who conquers the universe
Vishwakarma architect of the universe
Vishwakarma architect of the universe
Vishwalochan eyes of the universe (sun, moon)
Vishwambhar all pervading one, Lord Vishnu
Vishwambhar the supreme spirit
Vismay surprise
Visvajit one who conquers the universe
Visvayu brother of Amavasuand Satayu
Vitabhay Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Vitaharya Lord Krishna
Vitashokha one who does not mourn
Vitasta River Jhelum in Sanskrit
Vithala Lord Vishnu
Vitola Peaceful
Vittanath owner of money ( Kuber )
Vittanath owner of wealth (Kuber)
Vittesh Lord of wealth
Vitthal Lord Vishnu
Vivaan Lord Krishna
Vivan Moon
Vivash Bright
Vivaswat the sun
Vivatma universal soul
Vivek conscience
Vivek judgement, ability to distinguish between good & bad
Vivekanand joy of discrimination
Vivekananda joyous with knowledge
Vratesh Lord Shiva
Vrisa Lord Krishna
Vrisag Lord Shiva
Vrisan Lord Shiva
Vrisangan Lord Shiva
Vrisapati Lord Shiva
Vrishab Excellent
Vrishabh A rasi, star sign
Vrishank Lord Shiva
Vrishin peacock
Vyan Air

End of Oriya Baby Boy Names starting with V

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             Oriya  Baby Boy Names A-Z List with Meanings


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