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Revati Nakshatra Information: life, traits & characteristics of Revati Nakshatra born Natives

Revati Nakshatra General Information

Revati marks the completion of the third series of nakshatras which starts from Moola and Revati also marks the completion of the journey of 27 nakshatras. Revati is considered as the twenty seventh and the final nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras Revati means Wealthy and its deity is Pushan, one of the twelve Adityas. The word Pushan means the one who promotes prosperity or who lights up. The symbol of Revati is a drum which is played with two sticks. This Nakshatra though indicates material prosperity but at the same time it also points out end of all kinds of enjoyments of life.

Characteristics of Revati Nakshatra born Natives

Vedic astrology assigns Mercury as the ruling planet of Revati and the influence of Mercury brings many Mercurial qualities to this nakshatra. Mercury is known for communication skills, wisdom, analytical nature, trade skills and sense of humor and all of these qualities of Mercury are relayed through Revati. Material enjoyment, wealth, prosperity, superfluity, fatness-these are the attributes of Revati. Another attribute is that the native of this star advances by leaps and bounds, that it is to say by fits and starts.

Those born in the star, Revati practice irreligious things, candid, handsome, talk angrily and quick. They are independent in pursuing any jobs. They are endowed with good qualities, have control over their senses, always thinking about their home, wise, handsome, wealthy, enjoy life, learned, fickle, earn good money, sexy, brave, givers, lose women, pure in mind, intelligent, endowed with well proportioned body, capable, hefty bodied, bright, help others and move in foreign lands.

People born in Revati Nakshatra are the best friends. But they need to avoid offering help to every one as they may end up not fulfilling their promises and be criticized. They overspend on luxuries and outing. They are generally God fearing and very ambitious in life. They strive hard to achieve their objectives but their life moves like a wave form. They generally live a luxurious life and do well away from their birth place.

They are intelligent and do well in their studies. They perform well in subjects like history, painting, medical, law, gemology, research studies, NDA, astronomy and astrology. They generally loose focus in studies otherwise they can score good marks.

Revati Nakshatra Pada Characteristics
Revati Nakshatra Baby Boy Names
Revati Nakshatra Baby Girl Names