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Pushyami Nakshatra Information: life, traits & characteristics of Pushyami Nakshatra born Natives

Pushyami Nakshatra General Information

Pushya Nakshatra (3:21 Cancer to 16:40 Cancer) is considered the most auspicious among 27 nakshatras. Its symbol is cow utter. Its ruling planet is Saturn and presing deity is Jupiter(Brihaspati). The word Pushya means to nourish, to preserve, to protect, replenish, multiply and strengthen.

Characteristics of Pushyami Nakshatra born Natives

Brihaspati is described as the great teacher of all creation from amoebae to the Gods and is the source of all knowledge and wisdom. Those born in the star Pushya are wealthy, happy, respected, stable minded, endowed with handsome body; respecting parents, following their religion, and most obedient. Natives born in Pushya Nakshatra are caring generous, soft spoken, helpful, ethical and kind to others. Even male natives are known to provide motherly care to their children. These natives are reliable and prove good friends in the hour of need. These folks take all the burden without wanting anything in return, however, this can also lead to a lot of stress, frustration and tireless, because they usually do not get a return for their service, they just give, give without ever wanting anything in return, but they usually don't. They command money and vehicles of novelty. They are important persons in the world, knowledgeable in the science of spells and respected by kings. They retain their stand, and are happy. They are characterized by the presence of fish symbol on the hands -and feet. They are endowed with all good qualities, short tampered, and interested in the discussion on scriptures.

They are fond of good and new clothes. The childhood life of Pushya native is generally not good. The comforts of life improve only after the age of 30 years. Even if they are born in rich families, they take up serious responsibilities of family right in childhood itself. The marital life of Pushya natives is ordinary but they are very responsible spouse and parents.

Education and Career Options: They get good education and are very consistent in performance. Their education is best utilized in their professional career and nailing down their competitors. Pushya natives are best suited for all kinds of job requiring extensive traveling or agricultural work. They have the knack of surprising people with their extra ordinary knowledge. It is possible that Pushya natives may not carry bag full of degrees with them but they have vast knowledge of different fields.

Pushya natives become good agriculturist, traveler, public dealers, honest politicians, spiritual guides, yoga teachers, creche owners, child-care-home managers, nurse, nuns, gardeners, secretory, caterers etc.

Pushya Nakshatra Health: Pushya natives are prone to chest problems like cough, infections, respiratory problems, stones, joint pains, low immunity especially in childhood and sensitivity to changing atmosphere.

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