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Purvabhadra Nakshatra Information: life, traits & characteristics of Purvabhadra Nakshatra born Natives

Purvabhadra Nakshatra General Information

Purvabhadra nakshatra spreads from after 20: in Kumbha up to 3:20’ in Meena.Purva means former or ancient or frontal, “bhadra” means beautiful or auspicious or salutary and pada means feet. Its main symbol is front part of the couch or funeral slat. Its presiding deity is Aja Ekapat which means one footed goat and its ruling planet is Jupiter. The natives born in 1st or 2nd or 3rd padas are categorized under aquarious and those who are born in 4th pada of poorva Bhadrapada nakshatra are categorized under the zodiac sign – Pisces.

Characteristics of Purvabhadra Nakshatra born Natives

Those born in the Purvabhadra star are worshipful of gods and teachers and are broad minded. They are respectable and above controversies. They are having control over their senses, experts in all kinds of jobs, endowed with good chest; they are at home with the learned, determined, won over by women, stubborn, despise others, irreligious, brave, givers, enjoyers, soft spoken , handsome, and loving their relatives. They are speakers, endowed with children, sleep excess, possess long tongue, obedient, helping nature, and tall.

As you are a native of Purvabhadra nakshatra, you will have a broad face and strong chest. Your well shaped body attracts others. Your great talkativeness keeps everyone’s attention at you. On a whole, you are a charming personality.

They are born intelligent and have excellent grasping powers. They will outperform the best students of class and their mark sheet will highly please their teachers and parents. They generally get good higher education and they will do well in subjects like commerce, Sanskrit, Hindi, History and Science.

As you are a honest and innovative thinker, you are the favorite employee for your boss. Your boss trusts you a lot. You may strive hard to keep up your good work. All of your colleagues support you at your workplace. You can enjoy a wealthy life. You can become an efficient entrepreneur.

Careers Ideally Suited for the Natives of Purvabhadra: As you are a good analyst, research, business analysis, market reporting, financial consulting are your ideal career options. Medicine and travel are other best options for you because you are the person with a practical approach towards the profession. Industrial management, Laber Laws and metal business are the other good career options for you to opt.

Health and Married Life: They are prone to problems related to Liver, low blood pressure, feet, joints, ribs, abdomen and diabetes They generally marry before 28 years of age. Their married life is generally good as the natives look after all needs of spouse and children. They are dedicated towards family and will not hesitate to spend all their money on them. They are blessed with very good spouse and children. They will be blessed with highly intelligent male child

Purvabhadra Nakshatra Pada Characteristics
Purvabhadra Nakshatra Baby Boy Names
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