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Magha Nakshatra Information: life, traits & characteristics of Magha Nakshatra born Natives

Magha Nakshatra General Information

Magha nakshatra is located from 0 degree to 13:20’Simha.Magha is translated as the mighty one. Magha is not ruled by God or devtas; it is ruled by Pitra (ancestors) and this Nakshtra is considered of demons hence it promotes enjoying of material luxuries etc. The ruling planet is Ketu. Magha nakshatra’s symbol is the royal Court with a royal throne. Its animal symbol is male rat. Attributes of this nakshatra are the virtues and vices of the father’s family, wealth, glory, beauty, strength and prowess, lustre and effulgence, superior qualities, sharpness of intellect, nobility, prestige, replenishment, and increase, wisdom, brilliance, capacity and willingness to donate, ancestors on the paternal side-all these are effected by Magha.

Characteristics of Magha Nakshatra born Natives

This Nakshatra gives top positions in life. It is also known as king or lion or crowned ruler. Magha, as the name suggests indicates big or great. So overall, we can say that Magha Nakshatra indicates the royal position, authority, power and high level of social status. People under influence of this Nakshatra will have more inclination towards material world, authority, position instead of having inclination towards spirituality.

Physical features and appearance: Native’s physical appearance will be more like a lion having round face, big nose, broad chest etc. and he / she will have very impressive personality. They have the capacity to create fear in others mind by their body language and piercing look. If Saturn aspects Moon in this Nakshatra, female natives will have long bunch of hair.

Education and career path of Magha nakshatra Natives: The natives born in magha nakshatra will have many servants and great wealth. In the professional field they cannot attain much success in the material field as they are not business minded and mainly due to his straightforwardness. Once they takes a decision, they will stick to that decision. Their dealings with their superiors and subordinates are very cordial and most technical.

They can become good Politician, lawyer, heads of corporations, actors, musicians, archaeologists, historians, lawyers, judges, birth registry officials, self-employed, managers.

Family life and Health: Most of the Magha born male natives will enjoy a happy and harmonious married life. One of the drawbacks for the female native born in this Nakshatra is that she invites friction in the family, make conflict between her husband and in-laws, resulting in mental torture for everybody in the family. This mental tendency must be curbed for a happy family life. She will have good children, preferably the first will be a son and next two daughters.

Those born in this nakshatra may suffer from night blindness, cancer if Saturn and Mars jointly aspects Moon in this Nakshatra or conjoin in this Nakshatra, asthma or epilepsy.

Positive Traits: Clear, intelligent, many admirers, positive, conservative, balanced, respectful to others, kind, helps others, love life and parties, dependable, likes to be honored for accomplishments, respectful of traditions, enjoys ceremonies, follows chains of command, does well when praised, likes to be served and given attention.

Negative Traits: Arrogant, hot tempered, prejudiced, jealousy, severe nature, resentful, has a strong dislike for those who dislike them or who treat them with disrespect, discontented when fail to meet goals, too high standards, susceptible to flattery, cruel to those who don’t show them respect, racial superiority, sensuality can create problems.

Compatibility and Incompatibility : Aswini , Mrigasirsha and Aslesha are compatible to Magha Nakshatra. The incompatible nakshatra is Chitra.

Magha Nakshatra Pada Characteristics
Magha Nakshatra Baby Boy Names
Magha Nakshatra Baby Girl Names