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Hasta Nakshatra Information: life, traits & characteristics of Hasta Nakshatra born Natives

Hasta Nakshatra General Information

Hasta Nakshatra(10-00′ to 23-20′ Virgo (Kanya Rasi) is taken as the thirteenth nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras. Hasta means Hand so the Hasta Nakshatra directly associates with all activities done by our hands. The hand also indicates different skills possessed by a person. On the positive side, the Hasta Nakshatra signifies a person capable of making his/her fate. Its ruling plantet is Moon and its symbol is a open hand which blesses humanity. Hasta nakshatra presiding deity is Savita- the sun God who gives creative energy. It’s animal symbol is female buffalo. Hasta nakshatra names start with Poo, Sham, Naa, Taa.

Characteristics of Hasta Nakshatra born Natives

People born in this Nakshatra are calm by nature. They have more of emotional attitude. As a result of moon’s Lordship, a persons personality has an expression of charm. This person is versatile in nature and keeps other people entertained. His has a good sense of humour.

By the time they hit age of 24, they really star to excel in life up to the age of 60. Such people are very good at working under others, they will take other's business as their own and would love to take it to new heights, for them there is no ego about mine or yours, they just want to work hard and bring about a positive change into their professional life and they expect the same from others. While the native does not want to cause any trouble to others, once he or she is hurt, he will always be in search of revenge, but at the same time takes consolation in the feet of god by thinking that let god give him the punishment and he slowly withdraws from the scene of conflict

Physical features: Male natives of Hasta Nakshatra are generally tall and stout. Mixed colour with short hands comparing to the body structure. There will be a scar mark on the upper right hand or beneath the shoulder.

Female Natives are very attractive with soft body. Their eyes and ears will be extremely beautiful and entirely different from those born in other Nakshatras. .

Education and Carrer: Most of the cases either they are engaged in business or in a high position in the industries. Hasta native even with a preliminary academic background will possess excellent all-round knowledge.

Period up to his 30th years of age will bring in unexpected circumstantial changes both in the family front as well as in the academic and professional or business field. Period between 30 to 42 years of his age will be his golden period, when the native can settle down in his life. If the native lives beyond 64 years of age, there will be remarkable accumulation of wealth and all-round success in the business field.

Family life and Health: He is able to enjoy an ideal married life, even though occasional friction as is expected in a family will definitely be there. His wife will be a homely lady with all good qualities expected from a house wife. Hasta nakshatra female natives enjoy a happy married life. Their husband will be wealthy and loving. Male natives are prone to have severe cough and cold, frequent emanation of water from the nose and clotting of such fluid, asthma. Female natives of Hasta nakshatra generally have good health. However, they may have high blood pressure and twisting of veins, asthma in old age.

Profession they may choose: Painters, artists, craftsmen, scholars, teachers, writers, sales, communications, pr, hospital and volunteer work, healers, travel industry, conference planners, astrologers, palm readers, advisers, ministers, authors, counselors, educators, priests, thieves, rouges.

Compatibility and Incompatibility: Bearing in mind the instinctive norms of compatibility, Hasta Nakshatra is most compatible to Swati Nakshatra on account of its phallic connection. While Hasta represents female buffalo, Swati is represented by a male buffalo.Besides being compatible to Revati and Bharani Nakshatras, it is also compatible to Uttara Phalguni and Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatras.Krittika and Pushyami Nakshatras are also compatible to it. This is because of buffaloe’s phallic compatibility to elephant, cow and sheep.Taking into account the theory of obstruction, Hasta Nakshatra is not compatible to Satabhisha Nakshatra.

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