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Chitra Nakshatra Information: life, traits & characteristics of Chitra Nakshatra born Natives

Chitra Nakshatra General Information

Chitra Nakshatra born characteristics and features The confinements of Chitra Nakshatra begins from 23.20 degrees in Kanya or Virgo zodiac and goes till 6.40 degrees in Tula or Libra zodiac and is considered as a solitary star. Its ruling plant is Mars and presiding deity is Vishvakarma (the celestial architect of the universe). Chitra nakshatra’s animal symbol is Female tiger andis indicated by a pearl. Chitra Nakshatra native’s name start with Pe, Po, Raa, RI. The word Chitra means the one who shines or glitter or the brilliant. They are brilliant and intelligent. Their creativity and intuition power is exceptionally good. These guys are quite head strong about their ability to get things done, finish tasks, look for details and strive for perfection. They have so strong sixth sense that their dreams often come true.

Characteristics of Anuradha Nakshatra born Natives

Chitra born cannot stay in the house where he is born. Either the native will leave the house and settle down somewhere else or the house he is born itself will be sold or destroyed. In other words, he will be settling down in an unknown and distant place away from his native house.

They love to wear gems, rings, and even trade gems because Libra is the sign of trade as it's the original sign of the 7th house. such people are also quite sexual towards the opposite sex and may even go outside their relationship to look for partner.

Physical Appearance of Chitra Nakshatra Born Natives: Male natives of chitra nakshatra have a lean body. They are vivacious personalities who possess special expressions in their attitude. Female natives have a beautiful body with equally matched fleshy body and natural long hair.

Education and Career options: Obstacles in the life is not a hurdle for the advancement for him. He can overtake all these hurdles with his courage and hard work Period between 33 years and 54 years of age will be his golden period. The native may earn as a sculptor or mechanic or as a factory employee or the native will be in the political arena or the native may be be an engineer or a textile technologist.

Career paths from health and beautification down to fields related to mechanized perception of reality such as engineering are suitable for the natives of Chitra nakshatra. With regard to career opportunities based on gardening, horticulture, interior décor, glamour and hospitality industry they are worth proving their ability.They can go in the field of Interior design, architects, jewelers, lawyers, judges, priests, religious people, learned in the Vedas, publications, radio, TV, film, armed forces, police detective, painter, photographer, designer, musician, writer, herbalist.

Family life and Health of chitra star born Natives: Chitra born people cannot, in most of the cases enjoy the benefit, love and affection from their father. They are more attached to his mother and enjoy benefits from the maternal side. Their marriage will be stable the relationship between the couples will not be cordial leading to frequent friction on small matters.They have to face lot of criticisms throughout their life.

Inflammation of kidney and bladder, brain fever, diseases connected with worms. Abdominal tumors or appendicitis also have been noticed.

Positive Traits: Attractive, artistic, great lovers, independent, natural leader who wants to make an impact on life, sociable, perceptive, high-spirited, drawn to philosophy and social thought, does well outside their place of birth or in foreign countries, handy, incline toward more physical expressions of art such as sculpture, printmaking, competent designer.

Negative Traits: Smug, conceited, easily bored, self centered, attracted to exciting yet negligent mates, quarrelsome, critical, too quick to challenge someone’s point of view, corrupt, amoral, may not focus enough on saving money.

Compatibility and Incompatibility : Chitra Nakshatra, symbolic of feminine tiger is most compatible to its masculine counterpart Visakha Nakshatra. Taking into account the idea of ‘Veda Dosha‘ or the principles of mutual obstruction, Chitra Nakshatra happens to be incompatible to Mrigasira and Dhanista Nakshatras. both Swati and its feminine counterpart Hasta Nakshatras are compatible.

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