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How to select a Muslim, Arabic or Urdu name for your baby?

This is the question that every parent of a new born muslim baby or would be muslim parents ponder a lot. Well, the importance of choosing a right name cannot be overlooked. Because name is for life time and it also evolves and reflects the overall personality of a baby. The name of your baby should be meaningful, attractive and beautiful. Read more……
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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with R

Here is the selection of Muslim Girl Baby Names Starting with 'R'. We have 56 latest muslim girl Baby names of Islamic/ Arabic origin in this baby name list which begins with R.
To choose the muslim baby girl name for your baby with other alphabets, Please choose an alphabet from the baby name list below.

                   Muslim Girl Baby Names A-Z List with Meanings


     Muslim Girl Names

Muslim Baby names for your baby. In this section we have beautiful, meaningful and unique Islamic boy baby names and girl baby names. You can read muslim , urdu , arabic names with meanings for free.

Muslim Baby Names Meaning of the name Gender Origin
Reem Beautiful Gazelle. Girl / Female Arabic
Reema White antalope. Girl / Female Arabic
Reham Rain drops. Girl / Female Arabic
Rehana A handfull of sweet basil. Girl / Female Arabic
Rehemat Gift. Girl / Female Arabic
Reja Good News. Girl / Female Arabic
Reshma Golden Silk, Expensive. Girl / Female Arabic
Reyah Comfort. Girl / Female Arabic
Reyhana Sweet smelling flower of paradise. Girl / Female Arabic
Rida Favored by God Girl / Female Arabic
Rifaat Altitude, Height, High. Girl / Female Arabic
Riffat High. Girl / Female Arabic
Rihab Vastness, expanse Girl / Female Arabic
Riham Lasting, fine rain Girl / Female Arabic
Rihana Sweet basil Girl / Female Arabic
Rija Desire, Hope. Girl / Female Arabic
Rijja Heavens beauty. Girl / Female Arabic
Rim, Reem Gazelle Girl / Female Arabic
Rima, Reema White antelope Girl / Female Arabic
Rimsha Bunch of flowers. Girl / Female Arabic
Rizqin Good fortune. Girl / Female Arabic
Rizwana Beautiful, Guardian of heaven. Girl / Female Arabic
Rohaan A river in paradise. Girl / Female Arabic
Romana Pomegranate; The fruit of Paradise. Girl / Female Arabic
Romeesa Heavens beauty. Girl / Female Arabic
Rona Shining light. Girl / Female Arabic
Roshini Light, noor. Girl / Female Arabic
Rua Dreams, visions Girl / Female Arabic
Ruaa Invisable. Girl / Female Arabic
Rubaa Hills, height Girl / Female Arabic
Rubaba Rose. Girl / Female Arabic
Rubadah Ash colored Girl / Female Arabic
Rubi Red gem Girl / Female Arabic
Rubina Blessed with love, waterfall. Girl / Female Arabic
Rubiya Spring season. Girl / Female Arabic
Rudainah, Rudaynah Old name Girl / Female Arabic
Rufaidah, Rufaydah Support Girl / Female Arabic
Ruhee Soul, a flower, who touches the heart. Girl / Female Arabic
Ruhina Sweet fragrence. Girl / Female Arabic
Rukan Steady, confident Girl / Female Arabic
Rukayat It is the name of one of the daughters of the Prophet, it means one who Allah loves. Girl / Female Arabic
Rukhsana Beautiful. Girl / Female Arabic
Rukhsar Cheek. Girl / Female Arabic
Ruksha Beautiful. Girl / Female Arabic
Rumailah, Rumaylah Old name Girl / Female Arabic
Rumaisa Bunch of flowers. Girl / Female Arabic
Rumaithah, Rumaythah Old name Girl / Female Arabic
Rumana Romantic, loving. Girl / Female Arabic
Rumeha Beautiful Stone. Girl / Female Arabic
Ruqaya Daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W). Girl / Female Arabic
Ruqayya Gentle; name of the daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W). Girl / Female Arabic
Ruqayyah The daughter of the prophet Muhammed (S.A.W). Girl / Female Arabic
Ruqayyah, Ruqayya Gentle; name of the daughter of the Prophet Girl / Female Arabic
Rushd Sensible conduct Girl / Female Arabic
Ruwaidah, Ruwaydah Walking gently Girl / Female Arabic
Ruyah Dream, vision Girl / Female Arabic
                          End of Muslim baby Girl Names Starting with 'R'

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