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The importance of a good Muslim name
 It's always a  matter of happiness, when God blesses you with a baby boy or baby girl. A new born baby brings great joy  in parent's life, but this joy and happiness is also accompanied with new   responsibilities. One of the very first duties you have toward your new born baby, besides physical care and love, is to give your child a meaningful Muslim name. The importance of a traditional, good muslim baby name can not be overlooked. Read More .......

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               Rare  Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with M

    Muslim  Baby Girl Names A-Z List with Meanings


Here is the selection of unique, latest & meaningful Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with 'M'. We have 378 muslim Girl names of Islamic/ Arabic origin in this baby name list which begins with M.

Muslim baby girl names Meaning of the name
Maassama A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar, had this name; she built a religious school.
Maab Place to which one returns
Maahnoor Glow of Moon
Maali Blessed
Maawa Heaven
Mada Utmost point, degree
Madaniya Civilized, urbane, polished
Madaniyah Civilised, cultured.
Madar Rose
Madeeha Praiseworty.
Madhat Praise.
Madiha Praiseworthy.
Madihah Praiseworthy.
Madihah, Madeeha Praiseworthy, commendable
Mafaz Protection
Magda High Tower, Maiden, German Diminutive of Magdalene, Reference to Biblical Mary Magdalene, One who is Elevated, Woman from Magdala
Mah Jabin Beautiful, brow like the moon
Mah Rukh Face as bright as the moon
Maha Wild cow; has beautiful eyes
Mahaa Wild Cow, Gazelle, Large Eyes
Mahabbah Love, affection
Maham Wife of Mughal Emperor Zahiruddin Baber, Mother of Hamayun
Mahasin Beauties
Mahbasah A narrator of Hadith
Mahbubah Beloved
Mahdiya Rightly Guided By Allah
Mahdiyah Rightly guided
Mahek Fragrance, Good Smell, Khushboo
Mahfuzah The protected one.
Mahibah Noble, respected
Mahin Greatest, Related to the Moon
Mahirah Adept, Expert.
Mahjabeen Powerful.
Mahneerah First born of a pair.
Mahnoor Light of the moon.
Mahreen Bright and Beautiful as the sun.
Mahrosh Piece of moon, pleasant.
Mahsa Like the Moon
Mahta One Resembling the Moon
Mahua An Intoxicating Flower
Mahum Moons Light
Mahveen Light of the Sun.
Mahvish Moon-face.
Mahwish Beautiful like the moon.
Maida Maiden, Woman from Magdala
Maimoona, Maymunah Auspicious, blessed; a wife of the Prophet
Maira Beloved, Sea of Bitterness, Rebelliousness, Wished for Child, Similar to Mary Bitter
Maisa Walking with Proud Swinging Gait
Ma'isah Walking with a proud, swinging gait.
Maisah, Maisa Walking with a proud, swinging gait
Maisarah Wealth, Richness.
Maiza Beauty
Maizah Discerning
Majda Nobility, Glory, Honour
Majha Name of a Sahabi who Participated in the Battle of Badr
Majidah Glorious, noble, respected.
Majidah, Majida Glorious
Makarim, Makaarim Of good and honorable character
Makhtooma Name of a  singer of the past.
Makhtoonah Name of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past.
Makkiyah From Makkah
Maladh Protection, shelter
Malak Angel, Messenger
Malakah Talent
Malayeka Angel.
Malda The Gentle One
Maleehah Salty, Graceful, Brownish colour.
Maliha Praising
Malika Queen.
Malikah Queen
Malka Queen
Malmal Soft.
Mana Supernatural Power, Love, Alike, Similar, Name of a God
Manab Share
Manahil Spring of fresh water.
Manal A Bird, Attainment, Acquisition, Achievement
Manal, Manaal Attainment, achievement
Manar Light, Guiding Light (Lighthouse)
Manar, Manaar Guiding light
Manee A Painter who Later Claimed to be a Prophet
Manel Present
Manfoosah She was the daughter of Abu Yazid bin Abu al-Firwaris; a very pious woman, she wept often for fear of Allah.
Manha Gift of Allah
Manhalah Spring.
Mann Gift, Present, Favour, Benefit, Boon
Mansurah Supporter, victorious.
Maqboolah A noted woman of the past had this name; Maqboolah Hanim.
Marab Wish, Desire, Purpose, Use, Aim, Singular of Marib
Marah Bitterness
Maram Flower, Aspiration
Maram, Maraam Aspiration
Mardhiah One who is loved and respected by all.
Maria Bitter, Sea of Bitterness, The Perfect One, Sea of Sorrow, Wished for Child, Rebellious, Star, Mary
Mariam, Maryam form of "Mary"; Mother of Jesus
Marib Wish, Plural of Marab
Maridah A slave girl of Haroon Rashid had this name.
Marit Lady, Pearl, Mistress of House, From the God Mars, Of the Sea
Mariya Purity.
Mariyah Fair complexion; name of the wife of the Prophet
Marjanah Precious stone.
Marnia Wealthy in every aspect
Marta Mistress, Mistress of the House or Lady, Bitter, Dedicated to Mars, Feminine of Martin, Warlike, Pearl, A Lady, Spanish Form of Martha Lady
Marth Lady
Marti Lady, War-like, Dedicated to Mars
Marty Dedicated to God Mars, Lady, Feminine of Martin, Warlike
Marwa A Mountain in Meccah
Marwah a mountain in Makkah (Al Safa wa al Marwah)
Maryum Mother of Isa (A.S).
Marzuqah Blessed by God, fortunate
Masabeeh Lamps, Lights.
Masahir Ancient lute
Masarrah Delight, joy
Masarrat Joy, Delight, Pleasure, Gladness, Happiness
Mashel Light
Mashhuda Present, Manifest
Mashmool Included, Sought, After, Searched for
Mashoodah Evidenced.
Masia Bitter
Masoomah Innocent
Masouda Happy, Lucky, Fortunate
Masoumeh Sinless, Innocent
Masrurah Glad, Happy, Delighted
Massima Greatest
Mastaneh Joyful
Mastoora Hidden, Chaste
Mastura Without Blemish, Hidden, Chaste
Masudah Happy, Lucky, Fortunate
Masudah, Masouda Happy, lucky, fortunate
Masumah Title of Hazrat Fatimah Zahra, Innocent
Mateenah Solid, Firm, Determined
Matti Lady, Battle-mighty
Matty Strong in War, Form of Matilda, Might, Power, Battle-mighty
Mausam Season
Mausami Seasonal
Maushmi Monsoon Wind
Mausooma Namely
Mausumi Beauty, Monsoon Wind
Mavisha Blessing of Life
Mawadda Friendship, Intimacy, Affection, Love
Mawaddah Affection, Love, Friendliness
Mawah Love, Friendliness, Affection
Mawahib Talents
Mawar Rose
Mawara Superior
Mawhiba Gift, Talent
Mawhooba Gifted, Talented, Favoured, Feminine of Mawhoob
Mawiya Old Arabic Name
Mawiyah Old Arabic Name, The Essence of Life, The Mirror
Mawiyah, Mawiya The essence of life; clear mirror
Mawsoofa Worthy of Description, Portrayed, Endowed with Laudable Qualities, Feminine of Mawsoof
May Old name
Maya Durga, To Increase, A Princess, Mother or Great One, Water, Truth and Everlasting, Wealth, Dream, Abbreviation of Amalia, Industrious, Striving, Work, Variant of Maia, Illusion
Mayameen The Blessed, The Brave
Mayeda The Fruits of Heaven, The Cloth on which You Eat in Heaven, The Suraah Mayeda in the Quran, The Suraah
Mayesa Walking with Proud, Swinging Gait
Maymouna Auspicious
Maymunah Auspicious, Blessed
Mays Stone
Mays, Mais Proud gait
Maysa Graceful, To Walk with a Proud, Swinging Gait
Maysa' To Walk with a Proud, Swinging Gait
Maysa, Maysaa Walking with pride
Maysaa To Walk with a Swinging Gait
Maysam Beautiful
Maysan A Star
Maysarah Left Hand Side
Maysoon Of Beautiful Face and Body
Maysun Of Beautiful Face and Body
Maysun, Maysoon To walk with a proud, swinging gait
Mayy Priceless
Mayyada To Walk with a Swinging Gait
Mayyadah To Walk with a Proud Swinging Gait
Mayyadah, Mayyada To walk with a swinging gait
Mayyasah To Walk with Pride
Mazana World for Amazing
Mazida Increase, Excess, High Degree, Maximum, Feminine of Mazid
Mazin Discerning
Maziyah Excellence, Merit, Virtue
Meantuna Trustworthy, Safe
Medina City of the Prophet, In Medina Mohammad Began his Campaign to Establish Islam
Meena Precious Stone, Fish, Starling, Heaven, Glass
Meenaz Meaning
Meera Light, Saintly Woman, A Devotee of Krishna, Aristocratic Lady, High-born Girl, Precious Gem
Meeza Quarter Moon
Mehak Sweet Smell, Aura, Fragrance
Mehala Tenderness, Barren
Mehar God's Mehar, Good Wishes
Mehbin Lovers
Mehbooba Beloved
Mehek Beautiful Scent, Fragrance
Meher Benevolence, Moon, Sweet Smell, Aura
Mehjabeen Beautiful as the moon, beloved person.
Mehk Smell
Mehmooda Beloved
Mehna Cloud
Mehnaz Prouded Like a Moon
Mehndi Henna Hand Art, Beautiful Colour
Mehr The Seventh Solar Month of the Persian Calendar
Mehraj Good Girl
Mehreen Sun, Loving Nature
Mehriban Kind, Gentle
Mehrish Wonderful Smell, Mehak
Mehrnaz The Sun's Glory, Kindness, Sweetness
Mehru Presents, Gift
Mehrunisa Pretty woman.
Mehry Sun, Affectionate, Kind
Mehtab Moon
Mehvesh Light of the Moon
Mehvish Shining Star, Bright Star
Mehwish Beautiful Moon
Melek Angel
Mena Wife of the Himalayas, Female Parrot, Love, Strong, Intellect, Speech, Woman, Mother of Menaka, The Daughter of Mahameru
Menaal Special Flower of Heaven
Mera Aristocratic Lady
Merah High-born Girl
Meriem Mary
Mersiha The Most Beautiful
Merwa A Mountain in Mekkah
Meshia Butter which is Made from Sheep's Milk
Meymona Good Fortune
Miah Illusion, The Moon, Mine
Michelle Who is Like God, Who Resembles God, Like the Lord
Midha Praise, Eulogy
Midhaa Appreciate
Mid'haa Appreciate
Midhah Praise
Midhat Praise, Eulogy
Mihira Feminine Form of Mihir, The Sun
Mihri Sun, Kind
Mimi I am, Pet Name for Marilyn or Miriam, Helmet, Protection, Sea of Bitterness, Strong Opponent, Rebellious, Wished-for Child, Star of the Sea, Unwavering Protector
Mina Love, Will, Desire, Helmet, Protection, Sea Port, Goddess of Sun, Moon, Stars, Enamel, Blue Glass, A Light, Child of the Red Earth, Garden, A Gem, Fish, Jewel
Minaal To Reach Your Destination
Minal A Precious Stone, Union, Fruit
Minaz Sweet
Minha Gift of Allah, Grant
Minna Form of Willamina, Will, Desire, Helmet, Protection, Resolute, Strong, Love, Will-helmet, Mother, Bitterness, Child of the Red Earth
Minnah Kindness, Grace, Blessing
Minnat Grace, Kindness, Favour, Gift
Minoo Heaven, Paradise
Minu A Gem, Precious Stone
Mira Admirable, Aristrocratic Lady, Wonderful, Peace, The Ocean, The Limit Boundary, Will, Desire, Helmet, Protection, Lord Krishna's Devotee, High-born Girl, Prosperous
Mirah Princess, Aristocratic Lady
Miraj Journey to Seven Heavens
Miral Shining Sea, Independent
Miriam Sea of Bitterness, Biblical Name, Rebelliousness, Pregnant Mother, Star of the Sea, Wished-for Child, Bitter, Sea of Sorrow, Prophetess, Scraped, Rocks, Beloved
Misaal Example, Copy
Misam Impression, Mark, Beauty
Misba Innocent
Misbaah Lamp
Misbah Light, Lamp
Misha Feminine of Michael, Like the Lord, Variant of Melissa, Bee, Lord Krishna's Devotee, Smile, Teddy Bear in Russian
Mishael Torch, Light
Mishal Sparkling, Shining, Lightened
Mishall A Light, Beautiful, Pretty
Mishel Light
Miska Sweet, A Little Gem
Miskeenah Humble.
Mitra Friend
Mizan Scale
Moattar Fragrant
Mocha Chocolate Flavoured Coffee
Modesty. Shasmeen
Mohaddisa Story teller.
Mohga Waves in the Ocean
Mohisa Story Teller
Mohsana Chaste, Virtuous, Protected, Sheltered, Pure, Modest, Married Woman
Mohsina Benevolent, Beneficent
Mojgan Eyelashes
Momina Faithful, Truly Believing, Believer (in Islam), Female Version of Mumin
Mona Solitary, Adviser, Nun, Wish, Desire, Aristocratic, Individual, Little, Giver, Lady, Alone, Wise Guardian, Will, Helmet, Protection, Just One, Noble One, Name of a God
Moneer Shining
Moneereh Shining
Monera Guiding Light, Shinning Light
Monir Shining
Monireh Shining
Moomal Beautiful
Morvarid Pearl
Mosiya Increase the World
Moufida Necessary
Mouhsina Beneficent
Mouna Wish, Desire
Mounia Wish, Desire
Mounira Shinning Light, Guiding Light
Mozhdeh Good News
Mozhgan Eyelashes
Muazah Narrator of Hadith, Daughter of Abdullah Al-adowiyah
Muazza Elevated
Muazzama Exalted, Respected
Muazzaz Powerful, Strong
Mubaraka Blessed, Fortunate, Lucky
Mubarakah Blessed.
Mubarika Blessed, Auspicious
Mubashirah Bringer of good news.
Mubassirah One who comments.
Mubeena Evident, Clear
Mubeenah One who makes something clear.
Mubin To Freely, Happy
Mubina Evident, Clear
Mubinah Manifest, Clear, One who Clarifies
Mudrika Ring
Mueenah Helper
Mueerah The Sister of Hajjaj Bin Hassan Al-jamimi had this Name
Mufeeda Useful
Mufiah Obedient, Compliant
Mufida Worthable
Mufidah Useful
Mufidah, Mufeeda Useful, helpful, beneficial
Mufliha One who Prospers
Muhibbah Loving
Muhja Heart's Blood, Soul
Muhjah Heart's Blood, Soul
Muhjah, Muhja Hearts blood, soul
Muhra Filly, A Female Pony
Muhsinah Charitable, benevolent
Muida Reviser, Teacher, Feminine of Muid
Muizza The empowerer, the honourer, the strengthener.
Mukarram Honored
Mukhlisah Devoted, faithful
Mumayyaz Distinguished
Mumina Lovely, sweet girl.
Muminah Pious believer
Mumtaj Wife of Shah Jahan, Variant of 'Mumtaz'
Mumtaz The distinguished, The best, The queen of emperor Shah Jahan
Muna Wish, Desire, Hope, Overflowing Spring, Lord is with You
Muna, Mona Wish, desire
Munawar Bright.
Munawwar Radiant, illuminated
Munazzah Sacred, clean, honest.
Muneerah Splendid, bright shine of light, illuminous.
Munerah Illuminating, Shining.
Muniba To consult with Allah, diverted toward Allah.
Munira Light, sunshine.
Munirah, Muneera Illuminating, brilliant
Munisa Gentle, friendly
Munisah Friendly
Muntaha The utmost, highest degree
Muqadaas Holy, Pure.
Muqbalah Name of a narrator of Hadith.
Murdiyyah Chosen one.
Murjanah Small pearl
Murshidah Guide
Muruj Meadows
Musaddiqah One who affirms the Truth.
Musaykah She narrated hadith from Sayyidina Ayshah.
Mushirah, Musheera Giving counsel, advising
Muskan Smile, Happy.
Muslimah Devout believer; submitting oneself to God
Musn Rainning Clowed
Musnah Rain, clouds
Mussah She narrated Hadith.
Mussaret Happiness.
Musta'eenah One who prays for help.
Mutahharah Purified, chaste.
Mutazah A narrator of Hadith.
Muyassar Facilitated, wealthy, successful
Muzaynah Adornment.
Muznah The cloud that carries the rain.
Myra Sweet, Admirable
Mysha Happy for entire life.

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