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Marathi Baby Names :  Marathi Baby Girl Names

MIn this list we have 184 sweet and cute Marathi baby girl names which begin with letter T. You can read Girl baby names of Marathi origin starting from T with meanings for free.

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Marathi  Baby Girl Names A-Z List with Meanings

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Marathi Baby Names Meaning
Tarbini A river.
Tarika Starlet
Tarini Goddess Parvati
Tarinira Having the quality of liberating, A Goddess.
Tarishi A raft, boat, the ocean.
Tarita The leader, Goddess Durga.
Tarjani The first finger
Tarpini Satisfying, offering obligations.
Taru Tree
Tarul Girl
Tarulata Creeper
Taruna Young girl.
Taruni young girl
Tarunika Young girl
Tarunima Youth
Tavishi Power, strength, courage, heavenly, earth.
Tanseem Salute of paradise
Tashvi Composed, charming.
Tatini River
Tavishi Courage.
Tavishka Courageous.
Thenral Cool breeze, encouraging
Thogai Beautiful Feathers
Thoyalakshi Born in water, Goddess Lakshmi.
Thulasi Holy plant with sweet fragrance
Thumri Light classical melody
Thushara Name of a flower.
Tiara Royalty jewels.
Tilabhavani Beautiful spot, jasmine.
Tilaka A kind of necklace.
Tilakavati Decorated, a river.
Tilika A small mark of sandalwood.
Tilottama A celestial maiden
Timila A musical
Tirtha Passage, sacred object, a worthy person.
Tithi Date.
Tisya Auspicious.
Tithavati Holy, pious, a river.
Titiksha Forgiveness
Tilottama A celestial woman.
Tiya Woman, a bird.
Trinetra Goddess Durga
Triparna Leaf of sacred Bael
Tripta Satisfied
Tripathaga Flowing through three regions, river Ganga.
Tripura Goddess Durga.
TriputBaby Girl Name Goddess durga.
Tripti Satisfaction
Tripurasundari Goddess Parvati
Tripuri Goddess Paravati
Trisha Thirst, Wish
Trishala Mother of Lord Mahavir
Trishna Thirst
Trishona Desire.
Trishulini Goddess Durga.
Triti A moment in time.
Tritiya A river.
Triveni Confluence of three sacred rivers
Triya Young woman
Triti Atom, a minute period of time.
Triyama Night
Trusha Victory.
Todi Satisfying a ragini.
Taanusiya A great devotee
Tabitha Deer.
Tabassum A flower
Tahila Darkness.
Talia Joyous.
Talikha Nightingale
Talli Youthful.
Taluna Young, wind.
Tallaja Excellent, happiness.
Tamali A tree with very dark bark
Tamalika Belonging to a place full of Tamal
Tamanna Desire
Tamarai Lotus flower, Beautiful
Tamasa A river; darkness
Tamasi Night
Tamrika Name of a flower.
Tanaya Son
Tania Girl
Tanika Rope.
Tanirika A flower.
Tanisha Ambitious, with a desire to progress.
Tanishka Goddess of gold.
Tannishtha Dedicated
Tanisi Goddess Durga.
Tanmaya Ecstasy.
Tanmayee Ecstasy.
Tanmayi Ecstasy.
Tanseem Salute of paradise
Tanika Rope
Tanima Slenderness

Tanmaya Absorbed
Tanmayi Ecstasy in Sanskrit & Telugu
Tannishtha Dedicated
Tanu Body
Tanubhava Daughter.
Tanuja Daughter
Tanulata Slender, flexible, vine like body.
Tanuka Slender
Tanusha A blessing.
Tanushri Beautiful
Tanuvi A slender woman.
Tanvi Slender, beautiful, delicate, fine.
Tanya Of the family
Tapani The river Godavari
Tapanti Warming, river.
Tapasi A female ascetic
Tapati The sun's daughter
Tapti A river
Tapi Glow, heat, a river.
Tara Star; Wife of Lord Brihaspati
Tarai Star.
Taraka Star
Tarakini Starry night
Tarakeshwari Goddess Parvati
Tarala Honeybee
Taramati With a glorious mind.
Taramba Mother star.
Tarana A musical composition
Tarangini River
Tarani Goddess Earth
Tuhi A cuckoo’s cry.
Tuhina Snow
Tulika Brush
Tulasi The sacred basil.
Tulini The cotton tree.
Tulya Equaled.
Tunga Strong, Elevated
Tungabhadra Very noble, sacred, name of a river.
Tungavena Loving heights, a river.
Tungi Night, turmeric.
Turanya Swift.
Turi Painter’s brush.
Turvi Superior.
Turya Superior powers.
Tusara Cold, frost, snow, mist, dew.
Tushina Satisfaction.
Tushita Satisfied, pleased.
Tushti Peace, happiness
Tusharkana A particle of snow
Tvadeeya Belongs to Lord.
Tvarita Goddess Durga
Tvarika Swift, quick
Tvesha Brilliant, glittering
Tvisha Bright
Tvishi Energy.
Tonya Priceless.
Toral A folk heroine
Tori Bird.
Toshani Satisfying, gratifying, pleasing, Goddess Durga.
Toshi Mirror, reflection.
Toshita Satisfied.
Toya Water.
Trariti Agile; efficient
Trayi Intellect
Treesha Desire.
Treya Walking in three paths
Triambika Goddess Parvathi.
Tribhuvaneshwari Goddess of The Three Worlds
Tridhara The river Ganga
Tridiva Heaven, a river.
Trigarta Woman, a pearl.
Triguna Maya or illusion; Goddess Durga
Triguni The three dimensions
Trijagati Mother of the three worlds, Goddess Parvathi.
Trikala A Goddess.
Trikaya Three Dimenstional
Trilochana Lord Shiva
Trinayani Goddess Durga
Taya Perfectly formed.
Teertha Place of pilgrimage
Teesta A river
Tehzeeb Elegance
Tejal Lustrous, bringing light.
Tejamayi Lalithamba’s other name.
Tejashree With devine power and grace
Tejaswari Lalithamba’s other name.
Tejaswini Lustrous
Tejaswi Lustrous
Tejini Sharp, bright, energetic.
Tejomayi Consisting of light and splendour.
Tejovali Sharp, bright, splendid.
Teju Lalithambha.
Tesu A flower name.
Thaneesha Ambition.

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Marathi baby Girl names are based on a variety of systems and naming conventions, which vary from region to region. Marathi baby Girl names are also based on caste, epics and Indian Marathi Mythology. Choosing the Indian Marathi name for your baby Girl is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for her. Your little princess deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Indian Marathi baby name for your baby Girl, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Indian Marathi Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Indian Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Sanskrit and Hindi names, Marathi Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.

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